A Fresh May Monday

5 May

gramercy flowers

By Whitney

Spring is officially here you guys.  Those April showers brought around some May flowers (case in point, the above were outside of my apartment in the heart of Manhattan) so it’s time for us to brighten up.  This spring, my goal is to “freshen up”.  Here’s the list so far.

1.  I started an eight week fitness program last week and completed week one.  Can’t really move today but still, nailed it.

2.  I did some spring cleaning this weekend and got rid of every piece I haven’t worn in two years.  I’ll be off to consignment this weekend!

3.  Yesterday, I did a cardio class at my gym that was definitely NOT my standard treadmill / barre workout.  My friend Jenn and I were running around doing these crazy moves while also yelling out positive mantras like “I am powerful”.  It was an “experience” to say the least.

4.  I spent about an hour yesterday unsubscribing from promotional emails that I really didn’t need.  This might be my biggest accomplishment of 2014.  Try it.  You will be really happy you did.

5.  Other things on my radar to start the month off fresh?  Some new wardrobe items.

Breaking in these dressy flats at work today.  So far so good (it’s only 9AM as I write this).

blush flats

This JCrew shift dress is really just gorgeous in person.  It pairs so well with a blazer for work but the mint color will get me wearing to dinners as well.

JCrew Matalesse Dress

I got this Tory Burch dress on sale and am so excited for it to arrive.  I love the cut and the print is simple and pretty.

Tory Burch Paris

If you haven’t bought these PLV Mai wedges yet, go buy them.



One Response to “A Fresh May Monday”

  1. knivesliao May 5, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

    I love a good Mai wedge and I love Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up!

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