Friday Reading List

6 Jun

By Whitney

Happy first Friday of June everyone.  YOU DID IT.  I am really excited to spend my weekend finishing The Fault In Our Stars (I try to read books before they become movies so I can be that person who says, “Ugh the book is so much better than the movie.”  Jk jk.  Today I’m having a mother/daughter day to celebrate my bday with Babs and I’ll have some girl time the rest of this weekend!    Here are some links to get you through the rest of your day and onto your weekend and some rosé !

1.  Do you guys watch Game of Thrones?  I am not going to be a spoiler but the scenery from the show is amazing and these photos of Iceland where it is filmed are gorge.  THIS IS NOT A SPOILER ALERT.
4.  I am really into blue/white combos for summer.  I’m dreaming of this Milly dress and this Cynthia Vincent is gorge as well.

5.  I am a huge bun person.  This tutorial for a ribbon bun is awesome (a ribbon bun, you say?  Obsessed.)
6.  My wonderful friends Jenny and Paul’s sister Michelle has invented this absolutely hilarious/amazing Tata Bikini Top. This isn’t the safest to open up at work but I promise you will be entertained.
7.  How to stretch your feet when wearing heels.  I am doing this under my desk as I type.

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