Seven Things

13 Jun

By Whitney

This week was quite the whirlwind.  A juice cleanse, a sick day, and a spray tan that didn’t work (ugh).  I am ready for Friday, for sure.  I finished Fault in Our Stars last weekend and let me say, read it.  I cried a lot and had to stop reading bc I couldn’t see through my kindle (and looked like a crazy person tanning on my roofdeck crying with my kindle) but it was an excellent read.  Here’s some more reading to keep you entertained.

1.  The World Cup has started and it’s sort of all over the place.  Over half of mankind is going to be watching at some point (crazy) so here is a quick (and interesting) slideshow to get you primed on stories and actually give you some talking points in the workplace.  Or try this one if you are anti and want some fuel for the fire.

2.  CHAMPS.  I love CHAMPS.  Here are the best bubbly options that don’t break the bank.

3.  I love this basic tee for throwing on for a little extra something.

4.  My best friend Jen and I were literally obsessed with Hey Dude. We lived four houses away and still called each other at 5:00 everyday when the show came on to discuss our feedback.  This was like 1994 instant message.  For those who were also fans of this Nickelodeon classic

5.  I’m loving some Lilly dresses these days.  This is a perfect one for a wedding, scallops on scallops are so cute, and I had to restrain myself from buying this starfish print dress the other day.

6.  This might be the best $36 dress of all time.

7.  Cookies under 100 calories.  Someone make them and tell me if they are disgusting.


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