Seven Things

20 Jun

watercolor wednesday

By Whitney

Happy Friday, everyone.  I had such a fun week catching up with old friends, celebrating a belated Father’s Day, and getting a 51 at a work bowling event.  NBD. I’m absolutely ready for the weekend and can’t wait to actually sleep.  Ugh.  Enjoy!

1.  Did you guys ever do the Mentos in Diet Coke experiment?  Well, this guy was super into it apparently.  My boyfriend wants to try this over the weekend.  I was thinking more like getting a tan but this is good too.

2.  I’m always excited to find a new beauty product and this sponge looks appealing.

3.  I have been looking for some espadrilles this summer.  These are my favorite but these for <$50 are pretty solid too.

4.  My dad is like a surgeon when it comes to cutting cake (and fruit salad for that matter).  Did you guys know we’ve been doing it all wrong all these years?  Big Ken, get on it!!!

5.  Obsessed with this Ferragamo bag in gray.

6.  Sooooo apparently there is a documentary about the extreme ADULT superfans of My Little Pony.  To quote my dear friend Abby, “it’s about aduult men who are obsessed with my little ponies.  Come visit immediately (San Antonio) so we can park on the couch and drink wine and watch this together”.  Don’t think I wasn’t tempted.

7.  All celebrities should take a cue from this sweet couple.  A+.

*picture from The Glitter Guide


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