Everyone Loves Pineapples

25 Jun

By Whitney

My favorite fruit is pineapple.  It  is just so so yummy.  Pineapple’s are also apparently a great anti-inflammatory because of the high amount of the enzyme Bromelein (omg I am so science-y) so that’s an added benefit.  Now, besides eating pineapple, I love it on fun summer prints!  It makes it officially feel like summer when you’re in a bright print and a fruit is on your outfit.  Another fun fact?  Pineapple’s are the international sign of welcome and hospitality so put one of these on at your next summer soiree!

Pineapple Fun

Clockwise from top left:  LBR Pineapple Bikini – $175 // Topshop Pineapple Embroidered Shorts (they look white but their are pineapples embroidered in there!) – $44 // Perfect Pina Coladas Dress – $44 // Asos Pineapple Necklace – $38   // Sail to Sable Pineapple Pearls Top – $188 // JCrew Factory Navy Pineapple Dress (I love this) – $65 // Townsen Pineapple Silk Cami (loving the dress as well) – $143 // New Look Pineapple Print Shorts – $20 // Dolce Vita Quirk It Sneakers – $28 // JCrew Factory Pineapple iPhone Case – $20 // Leith Pineapples Print Infinity Scarf – $32


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