Seven Things

27 Jun



By Whitney

First official Friday of summer!!  I hope you guys are celebrating this hot (sort of soupy) weather by wearinng some Lilly, drinking some fun bevies and getting ready for a fun weekend.

1.   World Cup Fever has officially taken over my office (and I’m sure all of yours).  Let’s go Team USA but these stories are inspiring if you’re into it or not.  Either way, everyone has to be obsessed with Mexico’s coach.

2.  My sister sent me this sweet story about animals and their feelings since her dog “feels” his emotions to an extreme.  Animals get depressed too, you guys.

3.  I am sad Game of Thrones is over but this throwback picture is sort of amazing.  Again, this is not a spoiler.

4.  I’m in Florida for the weekend which means busting out my favorite summer dress.

5.  I’ve always “thrown like a girl” so thank you, P&G for taking that phrase and making it an awesome one.  Love this ad.

6.  My favorite holiday is coming up next week (stay tuned for stars and stripes PP posts!) and I know this Anchor bag is for kids but I still really want it.

7.  BaubleBar is having their summer sale.  I’m loving this necklace for $20, these cute stacking rings for $15 and a gift card for $100 that you only pay $80 for (steal).


One Response to “Seven Things”

  1. knivesliao June 30, 2014 at 10:56 pm #

    That GoT picture is amazing!

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