Spray Tan 101

14 Jul

By Whitney

Every year Lauren and I explain our love for the fake tan.  We are pale girls and embrace the fact that laying in sun for hours on end will never be our cup of tea.  At the end of every week, I go spray tanning and I am officially addicted.  It’s been a few years since I started so by now, I consider myself an expert.  I get asked about this a lot so here is my process to get the perfect glow without risking the sun exposure.

spray tan

Step 1: Exfoliate.  After shaving, I use St. Ives Apricot scrub on a loofa all over.  I love how soft this makes my skin!

Step 2:  No lotion.  After your shower, leave your skin as dry as can be.  That means no daily moisturizer.  This is tough to do when I put makeup on but I usually skip my Aveeno moisturizer as a base and only use my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer because it’s light and has SPF.

Step 3:  Spray!!  I am a huge fan of the Mystic HD spray tanning.  The rest don’t seem to work as well on me or seem as natural.   Before getting into the booth, I throw the barrier cream on my toes and fingers but I also step on either a paper towel or baby wipe the entire time.  The bottom of your feet don’t need to turn brown (nor do they need to be tan).   Wear something light and dark so that afterwards, when you are sticky, it doesn’t get on your clothes (although it does wash out if you don’t plan ahead!).

Step 4:  Do not shower for at least 4 hours (I aim for 8).  After you spray you’ll be a bit sticky for about an hour so try not to do anything to add to that (i.e. don’t go to the gym until much much later, stay in AC when it’s gross out, etc.).

Step 5:  No white sheets.  I am a crisp white bed kind of girl but even after I shower, the spray tan seems to get on my sheets in the hot sticky summers.  My cleaning lady must have thought there was something the matter with me.   I changed to gray sheets this summer and there’s not a spot of tan anywhere.

Step 6:  Maintenance.  To make a spray tan last a full week or a few days longer, stay away from exfoliating!  Usually a few days in, I use the Alpha Beta face pads Lauren recommended a few weeks back and they really are amazing.   As for lotion, I use St. Tropez’s everyday moisturizer to maintain my color.  This stuff really works!  If you really want to add on to the tan, Kate Somerville’s towelettes will keep you at your darkest.


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