Seven Things

18 Jul

Gray Malin, Bermuda Flamingos

By Whitney

1.  The image above is such a fun Gray Malin photo from Bermuda.   Gray’s work  is on One Kings Lane a lot but each and every time I get more and more tempted to purchase something to put above my desk.   His photos are just awesome.  What’s your favorite?

2.  I should probably start with a pot or a pan but these fun kitchen gadgets seem pretty cool for those who are active in the kitchen.

3.  This is a serious abs workout in 10 minutes.  So hard but so worth it!

4.  Loving this palm print dress especially the back.

5.   Umm I’ve been storing my lululemon t shirts wrong this entire time and so many other excellent tips.

6.  The Nordstrom anniversary sale has started.  I’m loving this Vince sweater, these perfect  studs and some classic  Tom Ford sunnies!

7.   If you know me at all you know that Andy Cohen is my favorite person pretty much of all time.  If he offered me a job tomorrow, I would take it in a heartbeat.  Happy Five Years to his late night show that cracks me up each and everyday.


One Response to “Seven Things”

  1. knivesliao July 18, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    Malin is awesome, St.Tropez Taihiti club is my fave and it hangs above my bed!

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