Seven Things

8 Aug

Lilly Fish

By Whitney

August is here you guys, which means summer is slowly fading away.  This is terrible news.  I am going to try to milk every last day out of it before September ends.  This means laying out with my kindle and reading a new novel.  Let’s hope for sunny skies!!

1.  Hello, Vince coat.  You are pretty much amazing for fall.

2.  If you haven’t seen this child yet, he is absolutely hilarious and I hope gets a youtube series.  Another hilarious youtube video for you is this hilarious little munchkinette listening to Katy Perry.

3.  I could really go for these monogrammed sunglasses for under $50.

3.  I am a loyal Today Show viewer and one of their summer topics is a 30 day detox of anything you deem a bad habit.  Matt Lauer chose ice cream, Savannah chose the word “selfie” and my choice is no shopping until September 1st.  Cheaters put $5 into a cheating fund but I’m proud to say I’ve gone 8 days without cheating.  22 to go!  Try it.

4.   New York City in the summertime can be hot but nothing is hotter/swampier than the subways.  Turning the 34th street station stop into a spa?  Only in NYC.

5.  This JCrew dress is a great “wear now and later” option.   It comes in lots of colors and can be worn in so many different ways.

6.   Some of these you may know, but these iPhone tricks are pretty sold.

7.  A shoutout to my fav Lindsay Hagan for her ongoing love of the shark tooth necklace.  It’s Shark Week so here are some great (and hilarious) shark themed options.


One Response to “Seven Things”

  1. lindshags August 8, 2014 at 11:12 am #

    Yessss! #sharkstoothnecklace4life and I love the bite suit!!

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