Seven Things

22 Aug

I can’t believe  it’s almost Labor Day Weekend.  Crazy right?  Now it’s time for some rest this weekend and a cleanup of my apartment.  Dire. Need.  Have a good weekend! xoxo

1.  Throwback alert – I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Zach Morris.

2.  I adore this party dress and it comes in a color to flatter every skintone.

3.  My mom gave me the book Me Before You last weekend.  Definitely a beach read but I would describe myself as “unstoppable bawling” on Weds night at 1AM when I finished it.  A+.

4.  These Jonathan Adler sun hats are SO adorable for $44.   Thank you Jen for the  sales alert!!

5.  My sister and I hit a ton of beach traffic last weekend coming home.  Our entertainment included teaching ourselves to rap and listening to Snap Judgement on NPR.  I’m not usually an NPR listener but  Snap Judgement is a program revolving around individual stories that are pretty much incredible so I am now a fan.  We listened to a few and I was literally yelling, “NO” and “STOP IT” throughout most of them.

6.  I love this phone case.  Easy to spot in the bleak open spaces that are our handbags!

7.  Who knew there was a right way to cut a pineapple???


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