Spotlight on JCrew Denim

8 Sep

By Whitney

When it comes to casual clothes, I am pretty terrible at wearing pants.  I tend to stay away from jeans.  Period.  Like I never wear them.  But in my closet I have about six pairs that just sit there being like, “Oh hey girl, I look so great with a basic tee”.  Over the weekend I finally fit into a pair from last summer and I forgot how EASY jeans are.  My favorites?  JCrew because they’re pretty much always 25% off and you can get a great pair for under $150. Even better?  Bring an old pair of jeans to JCrew between now and 9/30 and get $20 towards your denim purchase!!

JCrew Toothpick Black

Toothpick Jean in Black (my fav style) – $115

Abbott Wash Boyfriend

 Boyfriend Jean in Abbott Wash (are these not the most perfect bf jeans???) – $128

Reid Cone Denim

Reid Cone Denim Jean in Brewster – $125


One Response to “Spotlight on JCrew Denim”

  1. Abby September 8, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Agree – I love J Crew jeans (even their wildly inconsistent sizing…). I also think they have the best white jeans in town…just enough stretch and they’re not totally clear (like other brands).

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