Seven Things

26 Sep


By Whitney

I took this photo on one of my early morning runs this week.  It was such a pretty morning and felt like I wasn’t running along a NYC river with pollution everywhere and a strange man collecting shoes behind me.   Happy First Fall Friday!   Enjoy the amazing weather this weekend.

1.  I have a lot of reasons to buy new clothes lately and this Tibi dress might be perfect for a wedding I have coming up soon.

2.  This instagram account of a man and his dog is so sweet.  #UghIWantAPuppy.

3.  I love this emerald green statement piece.  How gorge against any other jewel tone?

4.  When I was little, I was obsessed with manatees.  I carried a stuffed animal version around with me everywhere and it wasn’t like a small toy. It was a substantial sized manatee.  This story obviously is amaze.

5.  My Finance hat was on for my initial interest in this one but the reasons behind why a big shot CEO retired really put things in perspective this week.

6.  You guys, it’s coat season. MY FAVORITE.  Loving this gorge Rebecca Taylor.

7.  You might not be into baseball (or think Derek Jeter is that handsome) but even my hardcore Boston sports friends who I was out with last night had to admit last night’s farewell to Derek Jeter was pretty much perfection.

8.  An eighth item today since sports don’t count on Pretty Polished.   This Alexis Bittar cuff has officially been wishlisted.


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