Theory Picks

29 Sep

By Lauren

As I have started to get older (le sigh), I’ve noticed myself gravitating toward classic pieces season after season.  This is partly because I think that is what older people do and partly because I am spending all of my money on home furnishings… I can’t really get too invested in trendy clothes.  Last weekend when I was visiting Whitney in NYC (YAY!) I popped into the Theory store – a great go-to for a classic refresh in the fall.  There were so many great things!  My FAVORITE is this poncho I picked up… I got it in gray, but I think I need it in every single color.  (In the first week, I wore it three times – it is just so easy breezy!!  Isn’t this camel color to die for?)



The poncho looks incredible with these leather paneled leggings for a night out.  (No joke these are the most flattering leggings to date).



And as always, the theory coats are spectacular…This Naomo jacket looks biker when its unzipped and impeccably polished when its closed up, lending extra versatility to a fall look.




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