Product Spotlight – Benefit Eyeliner

2 Oct

By Whitney

If you were to go on Survivor (okay 10 years ago), what would be the one item you bring?  I debate the answer to this one a lot but I’m pretty sure I would say black liquid eyeliner.  I realize this is an absurd thing to bring (I mean who needs something practical like a toothbrush?) but I am also severely addicted to black eyeliner.  Maybe I would say mascara but I think eyeliner is what really gives people the impression that I am awake / interesting in what they are talking about.  My go-to is usually Stila liquid liner but I tried Benefit’s Push Up Liner last week and now I am addicted.  The line goes on so easily and this stuff just does not come off or fade throughout your day.  It just hugs your lash line better than any other product and all of our lashes need serious hugging.

Benefit Cosmetics - They

Benefit “they’re real” push up eyeliner – $24


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