Seven Things

31 Oct

By Whitney

Happy Halloween!!!!  It’s been a crazy week for me and I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Are you guys all ready with your costumes???  If you’re in a pickle, the Audrey Hepburn costume is an easy one to find in your closet.  A sleeveless black shift, giant pearls, a mini updo and grab a pair of full length gloves and you’re good to go.  Have fun!!

1.  It’s getting cold this weekend and I’m loving this coat in the lighter colors (the perfect gray).  It’s legit cozy with that hood and beyond adorable.

2.  Who doesn’t love Nutella recipes
3.  I love this easy sweater for work.  Pair it with a pencil skirt and you’re pretty much good to go (and it’s under $100 so…)
4.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this article about a man who outsourced his job and watched cat videos instead.  This guy has it made.
5.  Kate Spade and Gap Kids collaborated for what might be the cutest collection of all time (and is almost sold out).  Can I fit into this cape because I need to.
6.  I couldn’t resist a link to some amazing halloween costumes.
7.  One Kings Lane has a great sale on Three J NYC (Lauren and my fav pj brand!) going on right now.  I love these silk ones and of course these star print ones!

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