Gobble Gobble (Seven Things)

27 Nov

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers, families and friends!!!  We’re doing Seven Things Thanksgiving style (sans clothing – stay tuned for Black Friday’s post tomorrow).   I have to say, so many traditions on this holiday melt my heart.  Every year as a kid, my dad would take my friends and I to watch the parade from his office’s windows while my mom got the house ready.  Now, the traditions have moved to Florida and I’m about to play my second round of golf this week with my parents before getting ready for family time.  No complaints here.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1.   11 things you never knew about Thanksgiving Day (the turkey was supposed to be the bald eagle of America – WHAT).

2.   It’s not a Thanksgiving without football so two things NFL-wise for you – one, why can’t all teams wear their throwback uniforms and 2) these NFL turkey day facts are entertaining.

3.  NYMag did a great article on why giving thanks is good for you.  Let’s do it.

4. This US map (and recipes to follow) and what recipes were googled the most state-by-state is pretty interesting (I love stuffed artichokes.  You get me, google.)

5.  Some flower arranging tips for your tablescapes this Turkey Day.

6.  Some more fun facts for you guys about Turkey Day.  This one has the holiday by the numbers (46M turkeys!!) and here’s a clip of fun parade facts.

7.  When all the food has been put away and you’re in your pjs, here are the movies leaving Netflix this month.


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