Seven Things

12 Dec

Lilly wreath

By Whitney

Soooooo I am exhausted and cannot wait for this weekend.  My Christmas cards have gone out (cough cough holiday cards), the lights are up on my balcony and the Kelly Clarkson Xmas album is pretty much on repeat these days.  I love it.  More gift guides to come but here’s what you can catch up reading while wrapping your gifts!

1. I’m starting this off with a very long article that is genuinely the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks.  Drew Magary can do no wrong in my book and his analysis of the Williams Sonoma catalog is beyond funny.

2.  This little guy’s meltdown after missing a putt is too cute.  “You just gotta taaaaap it in.”

3. I love champagne and I love glitter so I am OBSESSED with this idea of these DIY glitter champagne bottles for your holiday parties.

4.  Here’s another funny little munchkin to keep you entertained.

5.  I am uber tempted to get these pastel blue espadrilles for my upcoming trip to Mexico…

6.  I know you are all with me when I say it’s so refreshing when someone has perfect manners.  Let’s all take note of these polite habits we can practice.

7.  Not to be too sappy but it is the holidays and while we are always trying to get the perfect gift for our friends and families, it’s nice to try to give back too.  My favorite charity during the holidays?  Operation Santa.   Literally you  can answer someone’s letter and BE SANTA.  It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m so happy I’ve made it my own Christmas tradition.


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