Seven Things – Christmas Version

24 Dec

By Whitney

PP is on hold Thursday and Friday so I figured a holiday-themed Seven Things seemed appropriate.  Happy Christmas weekend!!  xoxoxox

1.  Last minute holiday wrapping?  Try this tutorial for the perfect (and most gorgeous) way to tie a bow.

2.  Late Night With Seth Meyers did such a funny skit with a Christmas Tree at 30 Rock.  Cracking up.

3.  All of our gift guides this year rounded up in one place.

4.   Holiday movies on Netflix (including  Scrooged and All I Want For Christmas – my favorites) for your snuggly holiday weekends.

5.   A perfect Christmas dessert – these are easy-to-make Christmas Tree Oreos – I think the “snow” is the cutest part.  Or try these even easier   “Christmas Trees“.

6.  An article on what holiday wines to bring to your dinners (and New Years parties!).

7.   To end things off, there’s truly nothing better than NYC at Christmastime.


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