Seven Things

9 Jan

By Whitney

It was a quiet PP week (mostly bc Lauren and I are both sick with colds) so apologies on that but who really wanted to get back to work this week?  No.  One.   Take us back to PB above.  Thankssssss.

1.  I’m starting off 2015 by starting a “Malibu Barbie Chanel Bag” savings account.  Like this one.

2.   NYMag always has articles where their journalists try these crazy fad diets and write pretty entertaining journals about them.  This one where Rebecca Harrington tries Taylor Swift’s for a week had me giggling.

3.  Lauren posted these earrings over Christmas but I’m reposting them again bc they are a) $44 and b) awesome.

4.  Loeffler Randall has a big discount on their boots this weekend ($275 off with code BESTINSHOW).  Best. Boots. Ever.

5.   Pretty much every skin solution that can be solved with every type of concealer.

6.  Over the holidays, Lauren and I discussed starting a blog entitled, “WTF is my dad doing” because our dad’s were constantly doing absurd/entertaining things (in a loving way, Big Ken).  This instagram feed called Fashion Dads is hilarious and if our dads didn’t have three fashionistas in their lives (many feel they have the worst lives of all time), they’d 100% be on here.

7.  Speaking of the holidays, my time off only enticed me more to move to Florida.  Who wouldn’t want to live in this state filled with insane news stories.

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