Seven Things

23 Jan

By Whitney

I am off to DC tonight to have a PP reunion!!  I am so excited to see Lauren and drink champs.   I know this week has only been four workdays long but I am fully ready for an alcoholic beverage (or 3).  Cheers!

1.  I love these colorful “bee” earrings.

2.  This article is hilar and so true to form for women.  Thank you Ashleigh for posting this on fb.

3.  I love a shawl cardigan.  Especially one for $65.  (You guys, I’ve really committed to not shopping until 2Q15.   NAILING IT.)

4.  A few summers ago I got hooked on tea tree oil for a ridiculous amount of mosquito bites I got.  I still love it for any sort of cut and now these products with the magical ingredient are on my list.

5.  I know so many people were obsessed with Serial.  Here are some other podcasts for those that were like me and listened to the entire series in pretty much a week.

6.   I really want to get a white tufted headboard.  What do you guys think of this one??

7.  This quick youtube clip of a baby seeing his mom for the first time is so sweet I can’t handle it.


One Response to “Seven Things”

  1. knivesliao January 23, 2015 at 11:17 am #

    Hope you get to try one of the new restaurants!

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