Seven Things

6 Feb

C'est Toi! (custom print)

By Whitney

Happy (almost) weekend!!   Every other blogger seems to be in Valentine’s Day mode so I thought the adorable print above was cute for this week. That’s pretty much all you’ll get from us.  Sorryyyyyy.  BUT the print above is a customizable one from fashion illustrator Inslee.  Love all of these!

1.  Last week I came home from a work trip and this clip on Conan happened to be on with Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski.  I laughed so hard by myself that it was almost embarrassing.  Gronkowski is seriously the star of the Super Bowl (along with the left shark).

2.  I’m obsessed with these neutral booties (on sale!) that will be your go-to shoe for the spring transition.

3.  For the parents of little ones, this barber offering “old man” haircuts to kids who misbehave is pretty hilarious.

4.  The winter mess this week had me in winter boots pretty much all week.  I saw someone in these black ones by Sperry and it was the chicest winter look I had seen.  A+, lady on 3rd Avenue.

5.  I can’t leave the house if my bed isn’t made but this lazy person’s guide to making a bed is a pretty solid solution.

6.  These three brother’s re-did their family photos from growing up as grown men.  It’s hilarious.  Cec, let’s try this since Mom has kept pretty much every dress from our childhood.

7.  There’s not much more I hate than getting up at 6 to go for a run.  These tricks to waking up early definitely help.

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