Seven Things

13 Feb

By Whitney

Happy Valentine’s Day Friday!!!  It’s also NY Fashion Week so take your pick on what you want to celebrate.  Are you guys sick of either of these things yet??? I might be.  Have fun on your dates and 50 Shades of Gray watching.  Xoxo

1.  I’m trying not to think about how when I go back to NYC tomorrow it will be beyond freezing so for now I will focus on the first Lilly I got for the season.  Thank you Babs!!

2.  Some cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriends under $30 (or just little sussies for when you need them!).

3.  A brilliant way to keep your headphone cords from getting all tied up (pet peeve).

4.  I want a lot of Joie jackets right now.  This black tweed one, this light gray one, and this black & white one with leather accents.  Woops.

5.  Everyone is obsessed with this ballet version of the Hozier song.

6.  I love these pale blue pumps for springgggg.

7.  These pictures for the OCD in all of us are pretty amazing.  The organized gummy bears by color?  Ahhhh.


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