New Hair Tool Alert

19 Feb

By Whitney

I may not have the most interesting of hair and I tend to keep it the same blonde year after year, but you know what, I am pretty content with my long straight tresses.  I’m blessed and don’t need to do much (including drying it when it’s not negative degrees out) but I’ve always wanted to be able to curl my hair.  The grass is always greener, right?  My hairdresser who does my highlights considers himself “The Curl Whisperer” (true story). Even he was frustrated with my pin straight hair.  It took me a while (and a large burn scar on my right arm to prove my CURLING WARRIOR SKILLS) but I think I found a tool that actually works.  Enter Sephora’s curling wand.  You just take your hair and wrap it around the “cone” and then hold it for 20 seconds and your curls are done.  It takes me a total of 15 minutes and I have a TON of hair that is super long these days.   Plus it’s $40 which for a hair tool is so reasonable.  I will say, it gets super hot so be careful.   All in all, a nice change in my going out look.  Nice job, Sephora.

Sephora Curling Iron – $40


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