Seven Things

20 Feb

Frozen Apple shivering at its core with no relief in sight

By Whitney

Soooo it’s really cold this week.  My SmartWool socks (thank you, Annie Schnobrich for that tip!) are really getting worn this winter and all of my sweaters feel like they are worth every penny.  This photo above is Bryant Park’s fountain which shocked me when I walked by it this week.  Frozen!  Speaking of Frozen, it’s so chilly that a town in Kentucky has issued an “arrest warrant” for Elsa.  Let’s all bundle up and watch movies this weekend.

1.  It’s a rare seven things without a Taylor Swift reference.  Her new Style video is awesome.

2.  This Kate Spade coat for spring??? SO GORGEOUS.

3.  Loeffler Randall’s spring collection.  Dreaming of these and these.

4.  Did you guys watch the SNL 40th anniversary?  Jimmy Fallon’s recap is pretty entertaining (9 minutes long for some people I know who can’t sit and pay attn to anything) but one of my favorite skits was Adam Sandberg and Adam Sandler’s digital short.

5.  This JCrew necklace is a fun statement piece that literally goes with everything.

6.  With the Oscars coming up, look at every dress worn by the Best Actress winner since 1929.  So fun to see how things have changed!

7.  Elaine Benes is top 3 favorite females on television ever.  Her fake instagram had me laughing out loud.  Seinfeld just never gets old.


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