A few (new) beauty must-haves!

25 Feb

by Lauren

Within the last few weeks I have stumbled upon a few products I can’t believe I lived without… here they are:

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am pretttyyyy serious about my mascara endorsements.  Up until yesterday, it had been Armani’s original Eyes to Kill, and while I definitely still love that product… I have to say, this Benefit They’re Real mascara is probably the best I’ve ever seen for feathery lashes.  I borrowed a friend’s yesterday and holy moly… you guys, this is serious stuff.  I don’t know what to say other than get your hands on this immediately!

Armani Liquid Summer

I bought this as part of my purchases after getting my makeup done last month and I figured it would be one of those worthless expenditures I end up throwing to the bottom of my drawer.  WRONG. Mix this with your foundation for sun-kissed, dewey skin – it is an incredible product.  Everyone who has tried mine has bought it immediately.

Armani Eye Tint

Whitney and I both walked out of our last make up counter run with the Armani eye tint – this is a fabulous product and the perfect finishing touch to your eye makeup routine.  It’s not great for everyday because it is quite dramatic – but on the weekend, this gives your eyelids a little of that oomph they need – it really lights up and is so easy to apply.  Think of it like a paintbrush for your lids!

Givenchy Very Irresistible

I am NOT one to take on new scents – it’s rare that I do…but I smelled this on a friend and couldn’t get enough.  She actually mixes a few drops with her body lotion — it creates the perfect clean, feminine fragrance.  I am definitely giving this a whirl.  It is also a great way to maximize space while traveling – fragrance and lotion in one!


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