Seven Things

27 Feb
bean boots in snow

            By Whitney

This week was a crazy one and flew by.  My requirement for any activity I do this weekend (besides sleeping) is that it must be able to get done in leggings.  Brunch plans?  Fine, I’m showing up in lululemons.  Spin class?  Sounds good.

  1. So let’s discuss the Oscars.  I have to admit, there weren’t too many looks that blew me away (exception: Lupita Nyongo and that pearl dream that got STOLEN).  A lot of the dresses looked like a high school prom dress from Cache.  Is it terrible that I liked Gwyneth’s pink cake confection?  I know, I know.  These candids from the show are also fun.
  1. I’ve never worn a jumpsuit before but I can’t get enough of this one.  So stunning.
  1.  Some shopping tricksfor those that shop on Amazon.
  1.  This ribbon necklaceis cool and under $60.   Success.
  1. I’ve read about a couple of start ups that I thought were interesting.  First, Acorns.  It takes your credit card and bank account charges, rounds them up and then takes the difference (like 75 cents) and puts it into an investment account.  Brilliant for terrible savers like myself.  Second, Host Committee.  How annoying is it to plan an event and then have to bother everyone to pay you?  This site solves that problem.
  1. I’ve posted Rebecca Harrington’s articles before but this one where she tries all of Jane Fonda’s workoutsis hilarious.
  1.  I just finished this book The Girl On The Trainand I’m recommending.  Super good mystery and fits into your “can I do this in leggings?” activities.

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