Seven Things

13 Mar

Ain't Nobody

By Whitney

Tomorrow is March 14th which means…it’s PI DAY.  If I were in Florida, I’d bake my dad a pecan pie because he is one of the few people I know that actually knows the purpose of the number (and cares).  For others, this weekend means St. Patty’s Day fun.  To each his own.

1.  Henri Bendel has a pretty good sale going on- spend $150, get 20% off and spend $300+ and get 25% off.  I love this gray clutch and I’m still coveting this black tote.

2.  Gray Malin’s new series Au Parc is amazing.  The Chicago scenes, NYC parks, all of the cities look incredible in his always awesome photos.  I want this image of downtown NYC for whenever I get my new apartment. Love!!

3.  It was warm this week so I got in spring mode.  This LWD (little white dress) is so pretty for spring.

4.  My sister showed me this cheerleader story yesterday and it’s just so heartwarming.

5.  Flashback Friday – the “Got Milk” ads from the 90’s. Ugh I loved these.

6.  I’m in home mode and this mirror is a great price and a pretty addition to any wall space.

7.  I love color and this article on how color is used in advertising is pretty interesting AND educational.

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