Seven Things

17 Apr

Real Simple InstagramBy Whitney

Spring is officially here people.  My unofficial welcome to warmer weather is a spray tan and let me just say, it feels great.  Is this the cutest bicycle of all time (courtesy of Real Simple’s instagram)?  Possibly.  Enjoy a gorgeous weather weekend!!

1.  This trio of Australian models lip synching songs throughout music history is seriously great.  1.  They go through awesome songs with fun costumes and 2. they are absurdly pretty.

2.  I love flamingos and this Kate Spade flamingo cover up with a giant pink bow is pretty much amazing.

3.  Lilly For Target launches this weekend.  There are some bloggers writing up directions on how to get what you want. I am not going to do that because you are independent adults and can figure out how to shop but you might as well check out the lookbooks.  I still am not sure how I feel about the whole thing…what do you guys think???

4.   This Sizzler commercial (3 minutes long!) from 1991 is unreal.  It’s like a 90’s dream of patriotism.

5.  I love this new beach tunic.  It’s sweet and pretty much matches my new bedding (which I have to buy in pieces because I am too poor to buy it all at once but IT WILL BE WORTH IT).

6.  If you are a Game Of Thrones fan and haven’t seen this Seth Meyers clip of Jon Snow at a dinner party, you are missing out.  I lol’ed by myself.  Always a good sign of things being funny.

7.  I’ve been so caught up in home decor I almost missed Loeffler Randall’s friends and family sale!  20% off with code “HEYFRIEND”.  My picks?  These espadrilles, these d’orsay pumps and these sandals that look like they were meant to be paired with jeans immediately.

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