Seven Things

24 Apr

By Whitney

This week flew by and I  am ready for a restful weekend.  Lots going on today, people.  Bruce Jenner’s interview is the talk of the news, the apple watch launched (thoughts?) and spring appears to be lost in action.  But it’s Friday so let’s get ready for the weekend!!

1.  I currently have 11,157 unread emails on my iPhone inbox.  This drives some of my friends bananas.  This article explains why.  My entire life is extremely organized except for that so leave me and my inbox alone.

2.  This dress is on my wish list.  So easy and love that feather print!

3.  Quotes from famous women on female friendship.

4.  An easy plaid button down shirt.  My go-to for spring Saturdays.

5.  A book list for your April reading.  I’ve been remiss on mine this month, time to catch up!!

6.   Ireland apparently has the most spray tanned purchased per capita or some random fact like that.  Apparently this is the BEST self tanner brand there is because it’s time released and lasts the longest.  Wish listed.

7.  Who doesn’t love animal gifs that make you laugh?

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