Mother’s Day Gift Guide

4 May

By Whitney

Mother’s Day is next week and this year I have so many close friends that are new moms it feels like a totally different holiday.  These are some suggestions for any sort of mom but also ones to mental note for birthdays too!  My mom’s gift will be a work in progress this summer that you guys will definitely hear more about!

Mother's day gift guide

Clockwise from top left:  Blanch Robe – $98 // Lunares Bamboo Bowl – $40 // GigiNY Teddie Tote (in tons of colors) – $335 // GigiNY Uber Clutch (to match!) – $130 // Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals (in lots of colors) – $49 // Pomegranate Green Elephant Shawl – $64 // Oscar De La Renta Asymmetric Earrings – $395 // Neiman Marcus Collection Cardigan (this is PERFECT and comes in lots of pretty pastels) – $185 // Toss Designs Geneva Ava Bag (looove these bamboo handles) – $152 // JCrew Striped Espadrille Sneaker – $98 // Parker Thatch Customized Tote Bag (I love this idea for one of my new-mom friends) – $98 (or more) // Hinge Lace Trim Scarf – $38 // Tory Burch Faux Pearl Multistrand Necklace – $395 // RabLabs Kivita Snow Coasters (NEED) – $72

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