Seven Things

22 May

By Whitney

It’s Memorial Day weekend which is the unofficial start to summer but more importantly, a day to pay tribute to the men and women who are serving our country.  It’s also fleet week here in NYC so lots of tips of the hat from my end.

1.  Memorial Day means white is 100% allowed (rule following or not, we can all wear our white pants now).  I’m on the hunt for a white denim jacket to add to my spring jacket collection.  Maybe this one from JCrew…

2.  In honor of David Letterman’s last show, his Taco Bell prank from 1996 makes you laugh not just because of how funny he is but also the hair/outfits are a legit throwback.

3.  If you know me, you know I am obsessed with any sort of flavored seltzer and could talk about it for hours (it’s like my version of Best In Show).  Clearly Canadian coming back?  WHAT.

4.  I can’t get enough of this Lilly print.

5.  I love the idea of these (easy) red white and blue cones to bring to your Memorial Day bbqs!

6.  This dress is $36 and it’s not even a question if it’s joining my summer wardrobe.

7.  Celebrity book lists.  I am downloading lots of these for my relaxing beach weekend with my dear friend Ashleigh! xoxox


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