Bring on the Anti-Aging Serums/Creams/Tonics/Magic/Anything

2 Jun

vanilla cupcake

By Whitney

I try not to get too sappy on social media but I was thinking back on this past year and how SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.  It was filled with some rough lows but at the same time, way more amazing highs.  My sissy is engaged.  Some of my closest friends had the most adorable baby boys that I truly love (no seriously, SIX BOYS:  Cooper, Jack, Quinn, Torii, Harrison and Connor – may they be famous in the blogging world for 24 hours).  I have mastered the combo of “Cookie Party Girl + Aunt Cookie” persona.   What else can one want in life?  I’m not sure.  Maybe some shoes?  Got those too.  My Top 5 from this past year below.

1.  Working out  – The Tone It Up Girls are legit inspiration.  I can’t recommend their workouts enough.  I’m dead serious people, if I can become a 530AM gym goer, ANYONE CAN.

2.  Flowers – I spent the last four years convincing myself that they were just meh and I wasn’t into them.  I was lying to myself.  I love them and have followed Queen Gwynnie’s tips on how best to make different arrangements.

3.  Reading and Home Decor – I’m at the home stretch of my apartment purchase and I peruse the following sites on a daily basis.  Some of these are just to pass the time when I need a reading break.

The Glam Pad  //  Veranda  // Town and Country // Society Social (please decorate my entire apartment) // Business Insider

4.  Food – I actually found a breakfast I like.  There is no link bc the recipe is the following:  peanut butter + toasted english muffin.  I know this sounds like a ridiculous statement and not an accomplishment in any way but I am someone who throws up in meetings because someone ate eggs before they walked in.  This is a big moment for me.

5.  SHOPPING.  My favorite purchases from this past year???  The following:

These Jimmy Choo sandals (thank you mom!).  These classic Blahnik pumps.  A DVF wrap to add to my collection that will never be out of style.  The most perfect cherry red necklace that goes with everything.  This bedding that will make my bedroom a lovely place to sleep in.   I’m still saving for a hot pink mini Chanel so add that to my goals list for next year.   All in all, I’d give myself a completely unexpected A+.


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