Seven Things

5 Jun

Lulu DK, Sardinia, Framed Print

By Whitney

I’m thinking of this fun painting for my new digs but figured it was a fun pic for Seven Things this week in the meantime!!  Happy Friday!!  This strange cold June weather is ending this weekend so I hope everyone is doing something fun.

1.  Someone threw a Palm Beach themed flamingo + banana leaf party.  DREAM.  This is definitely inspiring a post for next week.

2.  I got this gorge dress from my parents for my birthday.  I am loving it and it fits like a glove!!

3.  I loved these mint converse and if you want to add a pop of mint to your gym routine, these New Balances are so cute!

4.  Who knew this correct way to fold your tee’s and socks?!!!  Marie Kondo you are a genius.

5.  I just went through and watched the entire series of The Office.  I laughed so much but  this article shows how touching the show could be!!

6.  Obsessed with this blue striped dress from Topshop.

7.  Jon Stewart always made me laugh but his take on Caitlyn Jenner really made an impact.  Friday inspiration.

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