Seven Things

12 Jun

Displaying IMG_0285.JPGBy Whitney

It’s been a long week and this Friday feels even more deserved than others.  Our family had a really rough week saying goodbye to my sister’s dog Kevin who, as anyone who knows us knows, was a truly special guy and we loved SO MUCH.  We’ll miss him dearly.

1.  Love this fun little summer number.

2.  This perfect beach house is in my favorite beach town, LBI!!!

3.  This sunny little yellow dress is so perfect and darling.

4.   I love this easy Topshop tank that comes in tons of colors.

5.  I was sent this article by one of my fav coworkers and I was shocked at how much I’ve changed since my 20’s to my 30’s.  Couldn’t be more true!

6.  Cracking up at Bravo’s new show Odd Mom Out.  Jill Kargman is hilarious showing how NYC moms are a special breed.

7.   This video that one dog owner made to say goodbye to his best friend was especially touching this week.

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