Seven Things

26 Jun

LBI houses

By Whitney

This Friday could not be more welcome!  I took this pic in LBI from a parking lot.  Seriously could this place be any cuter?! This was quite a week and I am seriously ready to sleep in tomorrow.  We have my sister’s bridal shower on Sunday so stay tuned for updates on that!  Excited to celebrate my sissy this weekend and to kick off the week before MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

1.  5 Year Old Saige has hilariously HAD IT in this video. What I wouldn’t do to play this at work sometimes…

2.  This yellow floral dress is so sweet and would make for such a perfect girls day!!!

3.  This instagram account that combines food + fashion.  Another of my favorites?  Youdidnoteatthat and NYMag’s hilarious article with the author.

4.  I have a wedding in Napa this summer and I am thinking of either this blue or this navy dress as options. What do you guys think??

5.  Summer time always means my legs look like I got attacked.  Here are some tricks to how to not get mosquito bites!!!

6. My Tuckernuck basket keeps expanding everyday.  This dress, this top, this pineapple belt, these napkins, everything!!!

7.  There is a gorilla in Japan that ladies are saying is quite the handsome devil.  Thank you, Buzzfeed for leaving me SMH.


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