Seven Things

10 Jul

By Whitney

My apologies for PP being so quiet lately.  I have been 100% slammed these past couple of weeks with so much going on. We threw my sister a gorgeous bridal shower, my favorite holiday meant picking an adorable new RWB outfit and I officially became a homeowner!!  Crazy crazy crazy.  Time for a nap (or an A+ bachelorette party).

1.  I love a shirtdress and this baby pink one is perfection.

2.  Nourish Snacks have become my go-to for snacking everyday.  Joy Bauer from The Today Show started these pocket size under 200 calories healthy snack idea and I’m 100% involved.  Mr. Popular and Cowboy Crunch are my favorites!

3.  I am loving these rattan stools for my new apartment.  My lust list is getting OOC…

4.  Spritzer recipes for summer.  Who doesn’t love a spritzer???

5.  I’m usually not super into wedding dresses but these Lela Rose ones are perfection.

6.  My friend Abby sent me this video of this little girl popping and locking.  This girl is UNREAL.

7.  As someone who is not a hugger, this article spoke to me.


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