Seven Things

11 Sep

Hello hello everyone!!!  Happy Friday!   Happy September!  Happy Fashion Week!  Happy everything!  I’ve missed you!!  I am sorry to have been blogging absent these past couple of months.  Between buying an apartment, decorating, my sissy getting married, oh and that pesky job of mine, life has been BUSY.  But I am back and what better way to say hello than a Seven Things?  Any requests this fall ladies???  Let’s get them in.  xxoxoxox

1.  I’m headed to the US Open today and while I hope I get on camera, I’m not sure my parents know all of the moves like Jimmy and Justin

2.  This tweed jacket for fall.  NO WORDS.

3.  I am sure many of you saw this but I had to repost.  Socialty Barbie’s instagram making fun of everyone’s absurdly superficial and fake posts are amazing.  Thank you Barbie for always being A+.

4.  I’ll be posting more on the suede trend for fall this season but in the meantime, this navy Theory dress has a serious spot on my current wish list.

5.  I’ve never been huge into fringe but if you wanted to dabble in it this fall, my favorite Loeffler pumps have a cool addition to the heel!

6.  A workout you can do in your car?  It might not be a 5 mile run but anything counts, right?!!

7.  JCrew fall collection is back, y’all. THANK HEAVENS my two year hiatus on JCrew purchases can COMMENCE with this adorable sweater, this perfect silk top and a dress to work that I would be happy in.


One Response to “Seven Things”

  1. knivesliao September 11, 2015 at 8:12 pm #

    That Barbie insta account is on fleek (see what I did there? 😜)

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