Seven Things

18 Sep

pink poodle parade

By Whitney

What is everyone up to this weekend?  I am looking forward to some sleep and enjoying the last of this amazing weather!!  I covered a few cities in my work travels this week so on the cards this weekend is a serious hair mask and some SERUMS to help the plane damage. Happy weekend!  xoxo (Image courtesy of OhHappyDay”s instagram)

1.  These suede shorts.  Lauren needs these immediately.

2.  Mental noting these gorgeous floral ice cubes for when I throw my housewarming party this winter.  I need some time to get the place ready PEOPLE.

3.  I came across these Trina Turk shoes this week and I love them.  I always struggle to find dressy sandals that I actually like.  These fit the bill.

4.  Anyone want to go for a pizza date?

5.  Saw this jacket in the window of Zara in Chicago this week.  It’s classic and will be a work staple for those of us that classic pieces every day.

6.  17 websites to visit when you are bored out of your mind…an article from Buzzfeed, my usual go-to when I need a mind break.

7.  This pink sweater COATIGAN.  Yes please!


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