Seven Things

25 Sep

sparkle pumpkins

By Whitney

This has been a longgggg week.  Lauren and I were texting late last night about a) why we were up so late (UGH OUR JOBS) and b) why we are ALWAYS UP.  The reasons to both?  Work.  We are sleepy ladies.  Fall is officially here though and these sequin pumpkins feel like they were made for my new apartment.  You can make these yourself (DIY pretty pumpkin instructions here)!

1.  The Pope is here, you guys.  You can’t help but feel inspired this week.  An interesting article on Pope Francis and now I am going to take another lesson from him and stop spending my hard earned casheesh.

2.  But maybe I’ll buy this goatskin leather blazer FIRST and then stop spending.

3.  Here’s to a another DIY project these weekend.  I want to try this white + gold leaf picture frame for my new digs!

4.  I love a simple piece of jewelry.  This ring is no exception.

5.  Tights season is coming up shortly.  I was shocked reading this article on how to make your tights last longer this winter season.

6.  Are you guys still into peplum? If you’re still rocking it, this colorblocked ruffle sweater is srsly cute.

7.  NYMag’s article on the prom queen of Instagram is long but seriously worth the entertainment. This girl is a junior in high school and legit fascinating.


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