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Product Spotlight – Resurfacing Mask

13 Oct

By Whitney

Today was supposed to be a Tuesday Lust List post and then I tried a new skin product over the past two weeks and realized, PRIORITIES.  The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is a pricey little sucker but it is worth every penny.  The all natural mask acts like a modified peel and left my skin glowing after 15 minutes.  You can leave it on for longer if your skin isn’t as sensitive (I stuck with 10 – 15 minutes) but when you wash it off you seriously notice a difference.  Love this line and love a new addition to my skin care regimen!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask – $55


Product Spotlight – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

21 Aug

By Whitney

Every year my skin likes to tell me that I am getting older and I say, game on, face.  What makes the battle truly unfair is when my eyes get wrinklier and then a pimple appears an inch below.  What sort of game is this, skin????  True to form I went to Kiehl’s because their products never irritate my sensitive skin.   I found an amazing face wash and it’s really made a difference.  With my Clarisonic or without, this Kiehl’s face wash gives my face a clean feel like no other.  My skin has definitely cleared up and feels great.  $20 for face wash is pricey but I’d say this is 100% worth it.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (oil free) – $20

P.S. As a side note, a happy birthday to my dad.  Big Ken, you really are the best dad ever.

Product Spotlight – Facial Serum

2 Apr

By Whitney

On Friday night, Lauren and I reunited and had a night out in Palm Beach with her adorable sissy.  We had so much fun but Lauren accused me of having botox without telling her so I figured it was time to share my serum secret.  (I have never been botoxed btw).  I am absolutely obsessed with Fresh’s Black Tea Age Delay Serum for many reasons.  1)  Lauren accused me of having botox. That should be reason enough.  2)  It is very light and absorbs so quickly.   I’m not one to spend 20 minutes getting ready for bed so the quicker the better.  3)  It smells nice.  I throw this one on my forehead every night after clarisonic’ing and so far, so good.  I am not a huge believer in anti-aging skincare products but this one apparently might be working so I highly recommend.

Fresh Black Tea Serum

Fresh Black Tea Anti-Aging Serum – $80

Winter Skin Woes

3 Jan

By Whitney

And….we’re back.  We apologize for going MIA but we needed some R&R and probably still do.  We hope everyone is excited for 2013!  Both Lauren and I have agreed that one of our resolutions is to make PP the best we can so look forward to some upcoming changes this year!!!

The past few mornings in NYC have been brutally cold and my skin is letting me know just how unhappy it is.   I’ve been looking for more than just your regular hand or face creme because the basic stuff seems to not be working and have the following products to recommend to those who also have flaky skin issues these days.


julep stick

When lotion just isn’t enough, I throw this “hand chapstick” in my purse and it really does help.  I had never heard of it before but I got a monthly nailpolish sampler and this came with it and I love.  It does not leave any sort of greasy residue and it fixes dryness pretty much immediately.

Hand and Cuticle Stick – $22


Aquaphor Lip Repair

There is nothing better than Aquaphor for your chapped lips.  It stays on forever and it really does work.   The new lip specific version is just as great as the original and a whole lot easier to apply.

Aquaphor Lip Repair – $4

Avene Cold Creme Lip Balm

I got sucked into this product because I loved it’s clean packaging but this stuff is soft and creamy and a tiny bit heavenly.

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm – $12


Egyptian Magic

This stuff works on pretty much everything and has been around for a really long time.  Dry face?  Try just a smidge before putting on your foundation.   Scaly legs?  Put this on before bed.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Creme – $24

Kiehls Cross Terrain

I’ll be packing this anytime I’m headed skiing and making my boyfriend put it on his face too.  Products that are cross gender always are a plus in my book.

Kiehls Cross Terrain Face Protector SPF 50 – $26

Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer

Budget friendly and easy to get at the drugstore aroundthe corner, Aveeno is one of my favorites because it doesn’t smell like a florist and I can reapply throughout the day without looking greasy.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 – $15