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Father’s Day Gift Guide

16 Jun

By Whitney

Father’s Day is almost here everyone.  I’m excited to celebrate with my Dad this weekend.  I was on top of my gift a while back but for those that aren’t, here are some fun ideas!

father's day gift guide

Clockwise from top right:  Ray Ban Original Aviators (never go wrong) – $170 // Portable Briefcase Grill – $80 // Harry’s Father Son Shaving Set (too cute for the dad of a young munchkin) – $30 // Lego Slippers (seriously) – $26 // Sperry Burnished Boat Shoe – $98 // Animal and Monster Hand Tattoos – $12 // Golf Mug – $9 // Smartphone Controlled “Paper” airplane – $50 // Olloclip iPhone Power Lens – $80 // 3D Printing Pen – $100 // Daniel Wellington Watch (this is so classic) – $229


Father’s Day Gift Guide

3 Jun

By Whitney

Father’s Day is always a tough one, isn’t it???  June 15th is coming up so let’s try to be on top of this one.  If your dad isn’t going to love this dinner jacket (what father doesn’t love baby cat print?) I’ve tried to come up with some other ideas for lots of different types of dads.  Don’t just get your dad a book.  Get him a fun one like the Mischief Maker’s Manual.  Finding a gift for a dad with young kids?  I love the idea of him napping with this t shirt on and having his children literally play on him.  When in doubt, go for a pair of classic Sperry’s.

Father's Day Gift Guide


Clockwise from top left:  Father’s Day Cookie Box (instead of giving him a tie is way, cookies in the shape of one is way better) -$30 // Three Player Circular Chess (I like this as a way to decorate an office too!) – $50 // The Mischief Maker’s Manual (a book for the funny dad) – $20 //  Harry’s Winston Shaving Set (people love this!) – $25 // Hey Handsome Shaving Kit – $68 // Toolset Pen Set – $20 // Father’s Day Cupcakes – $60  //  Desktop Cornhole Game – $20 //NYTimes 36 Hours – 150 Weekends in the US and Canada – $30 // Sperry for JCrew Boat Shoe – $115 // Daniel Wellington Watch – $175 // Sam’s Natural Father’s Day Gift Set (for the outdoorsy man who needs some grooming) – $40 // Railroad Playmat T Shirt (amazing) – $22 // Wood & Faulk 16″ Carpenter Bag (this is perfect for my dad who literally is the town handyman / IT guy / basically the man who can fix absolutely anything) – $139