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Lust List – Home Decor

15 Apr

By Whitney

Once I do actually make my move to my new apartment, I have been leaning towards a new look.  It’s been in the process this year (a few vases and trays here and there) but now that I’m moving to a place I’ll actually own I want it to look like an actual home.  Not just a home but the perfect one for me to come home to and to entertain!  Here are some things I’m thinking about…

Lust List - Home Decor 2

Clockwise from top left:  Worlds Away Felix Side Table – $250 // Mariposa Seahorse opener (for my dream beachy bar cart) – $32 // Marika Bench (I can’t decide between this cobalt, aqua or a fun coral color!)  – $210  // Aqua Garden Stool – $225 // Aerin Shagreen Tray (shagreen is just so luxe) – $325 // Oversized Crisscross Mirror – $329 // Blakesley Indoor / Outdoor pillow – $44 // Faux Blue Coral – $67 // Scallop Border Placemat – $32 (each) // Vintage Faux Bamboo Dresser (if this were in white it would be a must in my bedroom!) – $2445 // Elephant Cachepot – $145 // Alegria Baline Otomi Pillow (this pillow.  so stunning) – $150 // Coral Picture Frame (I ordered this and it is GORGE) – $29 // Egg Table Lamp – $249

Home Decor – The Coffee Table Book

13 Apr

By Whitney

I have been really thinking hard about the new look I want for my (hopefully) new apartment.  I want to make sure every single piece is thought through and goes with my “palm beach chic” decor.  One thing I’ve started looking at are the perfect coffee table / bookcase books.  I love the idea of colorful and bright fashion books sitting underneath a vase or pretty gold piece.  What I love about these books is that they not only look great but they are fun to read through too!

Decor Books1 // 2 //  3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Product Spotlight – Turkish Towels

12 Mar

By Whitney

A few years ago, I bought a turkish towel for a fun towel to bring up to the beach or to the rooftop of my building for some sunning.  I didn’t really get the allure right away and then I used it a few times and noticed just light yet absorbent and how super soft it was!  I love all of the preppy stripes and bright colors; these are a beach must.  I noticed the other day that they make hand towels and I’m thinking these are a new kitchen staple.  There are a ton of options (home blankets for a guest room, beach tunics, lots of stuff for babies.) that take these fun colors and bring them to life in lots of places!

Seven Things

30 Jan

Palm Beach Chic with Parker Kennedy Living- The Glam Pad

By Whitney

It was a cold and snowy week so I spent a lot of time looking at Palm Beach decor to give me some inspiration for my apartment decorating Pinterest-ing (follow my Pinterest board here if you want!).  I’ll probably be doing this all weekend.  Happy Super Bowl!!!

1.  I love a big cozy Vince sweater and this one for $140 is a steal.  I wear the Theory version of this pretty much every weekend.

2.  On the snowday this week (#NYCletdown) learned some very basic tricks.  1)  How to do your own manicure.  2)  How to get the salt stains out of your boots and 3)  how to tell a coworker they have food in your teeth

3.  Hello preppy DVF dress for spring.  Perf.

4.  A coworker of mine (and also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met) ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents (!!!!).  So fun seeing Tim;s story on People and MSN but he’s doing it all for charity so I had to link his donation site if you wanted to support him.  Amazing.  I ran 3 miles this morning and felt like I did a really good job so…TRUMP CARD.

5.  Saw this light blue jacket at Intermix and loved it.  Now it’s on sale so grab this guy up for spring transitions!

6.  Bringing an app to a superbowl party?  Try one of these!  Also, the annual lip reading NFL youtube is out.  Always makes me laugh.

7.  Now let’s all take a Chanel break.  Spring 2015 Couture shows happened this week.  My favorite Chanel looks? #3#9,   #58, and #71.

Tuesday Lust List – Home Decor Version

27 Jan

By Whitney

My apartment needs serious sprucing up.  I always ignore it but lately it’s been irking me that I focus way more on statement necklaces than I do on decor.  I’m looking at buying an apartment in NYC these days (stressful?  Oh no, not at all) but it’s been in inspiring me to get the white/neutral apartment I’ve always dreamed of.  Here are some of the accessories I have my eye on.

Tuesday Lust List - Home Decor

Clockwise from top left:  Blue Agate Paperweight – $19 // Seahorse Embroidered Cocktail Napkins (or loving the monogrammed version) – $44 //  Pig Bookends – $45 // Two’s Company Pierced Lantern – $130 // Delfina Frame – $45 // Any figurine by Herend (dream) – $$$ // 3″ Decorative Cave Calcite – $45 // Lenox Zebra Scalamandre Decanter – $125 // Splatter Frame – $19 // Three Hands Elephant Decoration – $39 // Bone Tray with Brass Handles – $75 // John Robshaw Poppy Pillow – $198 // Oasis Table Lamp Set of 2 – $219 // Mercury Glass Bottles (small, medium, large) – $12 – 19 // Pearl Seychelles Bowl – $69

T is for Thibaut Tanzania

24 Nov

by Lauren

At the front of my living room is a square shaped dining “nook” with large bay windows.  Since I have an open floor plan it is important to distinguish the dining nook as its own space, separate and apart from the living room… in its present state, it has no “pop” at the front of the room and is essentially wasted.  To give it the pop, I have been thinking about using a fun wallpaper — I am pretty sure I want the space to be beige and white… enter the Thibaut Tanzania wallpaper!  I think it has just the punch I need and since the color palette is neutral, the other accents I have in my living room won’t clash with it.  Check out these images…

Spotlight on: Tory Burch Home

12 Aug

By Whitney

Tory Burch is always a go-to for my work apparel and now she has turned into a name I am looking into for home.  I dream of having a white house with all blue/white accessories so thank you, TB for fulfilling that dream.  I am loving how delicate all of the pieces are so go take a look!

Spongeware Pticher

I love the idea of bringing this pitcher filled with flowers to a party as a hostess gift.  How pretty AND useful!

Tory Burch Spongeware Pitcher – $98

Jardin Placemats

Jardin Placemats – $98 (for 4)

Champs Glasses

Spring Meadows Set of 2 Champagne Flutes – $60

On another note (and one we don’t tend to do), our hearts go out for the sad sad loss of Robin Williams.  The outpouring of sweet comments from all kinds of cultural figures is truly touching.   The world is a little less funny today and there is nothing like that healing power of laughter.  “You’re only given a little spark of madness.  You mustn’t lose it” ~ Robin Williams.  Thank you for adding a little extra spark to all of our lives.

Dog Days of Summer

6 Aug

by Lauren

I am officially a crazy person.  I adopted another dog – a rescue.  I am a sucker and I couldn’t help it.  But look at this face, who can blame me?  So now Summer has a sister… We have named her Charlotte, or “Charlie” for short.

photo (3)


That said, I need to stock up on a few new items for this pup.  For chic dog accessories, I turn to Harry Barker.

Summer has the pink toile dog bed, and I am thinking about doing blue for the new girl.  The toile matches the rest of my fabrics nicely because the print is so subtle.

Toile Dog Bed

I am absolutely adore the Chelsea harnesses, and am ordering the one pictured below in a dark purple, light purple combination.



Last, I’m finding that TWO dogs are way messier than one, and thus I need a placemat to protect my wood floors… Toile overkill?

Toile Placemat

Bedroom Makeover

3 Jun

by Lauren

Since my big move, I have been busy trying to get my life/house in order.  So much of my furniture needs to be replaced and obviously this is a process.  I am trying to be as deliberate as possible about each purchase so I dont tire of the pieces and so the design is exactly as I want it.  I have spent the majority of my time on the living room (post forthcoming), but am really excited about the headboard I am making for my bedroom.  I recently discovered a love for Otomi fabric.  Otomi is a bright, hand embroidered, Mexican fabric that depicts Mexican farm animals.  Here is a pretty good example —

Mexican Otomi fabric, tribal fabric, embroidered, colorful Otomi embroidery from Mexico, Otomi Textiles, peacock, bird

I had pretty much decided that I want my room to be bright blue and an orchid lilac… so I became fixated on finding a blue Otomi fabric.  After googling to the bottom of the internet and back, I finally found a swatch.

So this is step 1 in the bedroom makeover!  Otomi headboard… and if it isn’t animal overkill (that part is TBD), I am going to incorporate a patchwork cowhide rug in a pale camel —

To balance all of the animal elements, I am going to try to do some soft, feminine furniture – a dresser, nightstand and maybe a white love seat…but that is all TBD!

Outdoor Entertaining

12 May

By Whitney

My apartment is on the tiny side but the best part about it is the balcony.  I AM SO BIG TIME.  I want to get some outdoor entertaining pieces (champs on the terrace anyone???) without breaking the bank.  This weekend I found so much cute stuff with lots of color to entertain with!

Last year I picked up a bistro set for under $100 at Joss and Main.  I’m loving the pop of color on this one from One Kings Lane!

Kai 3-Pc Bistro Set, Blue


I’ll grab a set of outdoor placemats since no matter how amny times I clean my table, I’m convinced it’s covered in NYC grossness.

S/4 Carousel Outdoor Place Mats, Pink


I always love CWonder for reasonably priced fun home decor and their outdoor melamine tablesets are no exception.  I love the idea of this blue and white pattern.  A perfect tray ($38), dinner plates ($12), coral salad plates ($10), and a set of inset trays ($58) to put all of your guacs and dips in!

CWonder Melamine SetLast but not least, beverages must be served.  If I had a few ladies over, I’d mix up some spritzers in this acrylic beverage dispenser ($20), a set of unbreakable wine glasses (I feel like all men should own these), some fun tumblers just to have or some weatherproof goblets if you are feeling fancy.