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New Site Alert – Mark and Graham

15 Feb

By Whitney

The Williams Sonoma Company has a new member and I welcome Mark and Graham with open arms.  Their products are classic and affordable.  The best part?  Pretty much every item can be personalized in some way.  Monograms, phrases, addresses…just about anything can be added on to these great gift ideas (for you too!).  The bright colors sucked me in immediately so I wish you the best of luck keeping your credit card in your wallets for this one.

Easter Eggs

Perfect for a munchkin’s Easter basket…or yours because they look pretty yummy.

Personalized Easter Egg Cookies – $28

Grosgrain Border Placemats

I love the idea of these to keep at your table (even if you barely use it like mine).  I also wouldn’t rule out placing one under my jewelry box to break up the monotony of my furniture.

Grosgrain Border Placemats (set of 4) – $59Hammered Coaster

These are just classic and a great gift for any hostess (including those that you don’t quite know their style).

Hammered Coasters (set of 4) – $39
wine bags

I’ve already ordered a bunch of these in porcelain blue to keep as back ups for when I’m bringing a bottle of wine (which is quite often).  I embroidered mine to say “XoXo” but “Cheers” would also be a good one.

Linen Wine Bag with Grosgrain Tie (set of 3) – $39


Baublebar Friends and Family!

24 Oct

By Whitney

My favorite affordable jewelry store Baublebar is having 25% off today through October 28th. Enter code “BBFAMILY” to get the deal! I have some great finds from here and wanted to share a few of my favorites below.   This is a dangerous sale for me.  I am going to grab myself a mini monogram that I’ve had my eye on for a while ($71 with sale regularly $95) and possibly a new ring.  This is a great time to get some monogrammed gifts for your newly engaged friends or some holiday gifts for your sissies/friends/moms/everyone!

Top Row:  Emerald Candy Strand – $50 (was $66) // Chevron Ring Stack – $19.50 (was $26) // Silver “Love” Bracelet – $16.50 (was $22) (I’m wearing this today in gold and it’s so so sweet) //Pop Portrait Studs – $21 (was $28) (loving the green!) //  Royal Bauble Collar – $24 (was $32)

Bottom Row:  Ivory Safire Bangle – $25.50 (was $34) // Rose Knot Studs – $18 (was $24)// Gold Arrow Ring – $18 ((was $24)  //Acrylic Script Monogram – $43.50 (was $58) // Knot Stud Trio – $24 (was $32)

The Classic Monogram Necklace

11 Oct

By Whitney

As Lauren said yesterday, every girl loves a good monogram.  All three of the Horner Girls have these Ginette_ny monogram necklaces from about four years ago and I’ve worn mine about 4x a week ever since.   I love it and it goes with absolutely everything.  (I’ve even added an additional monogram necklace courtesy of my favorite co-blogger Lauren from my birthday last year in an awesome acrylic cobalt blue that I also am sort of obsessed with.)  However, these classic pieces have gone up so far in price that it’s just absurd so my mom requested I show some lower priced options that’s comparable in chicness.

As Lauren previously posted for a great bridesmaid gift, this is a great replacement from Max and Chloe.  You also can get this in a variety of different metals ranging from $175 – $575.

West Avenue Classic Monogram – starting at $175

Lauren and I both love the lace monograms but we also like this monogram disk pendant from Max and Chloe as well.

West Avenue Monogram Disk Pendant – $100 – $340

Baublebar also makes a very affordable option in silver and gold.

Baublebar Large Monogram – $115

Or try it in an eyepopping fun color like turquoise or pink for $56

It’s definitely not as eye-catching as the larger ones but at only half an inch (.4″ to be exact) Baublebar’s mini monogram for $95 is definitely something on my wish list!

New Rings

10 Oct

by Lauren

Since my birthday is next month, I have taken the liberty of buying myself presents two months early.  We’ll call it a tradition.   The first time I happened upon the CatBird website I was absolutely captivated by the little, dainty stack rings.  Particularly the alphabet ones, because let’s face it – we’re all a bit vain and enjoy seeing our monogram from time to time.  I also love the “first knuckle rings” which sit on the top of your finger.  Too cute.  I did silver because a set of gold rings was quite pricey (and I actually look much better in silver), but I am obsessed and these are a great gift idea too!  My next purchase will probably be a gold “a” – I love mixing and matching metals.

Engagement Gifts!

8 Oct

By Whitney

I just spent the weekend in Chicago with one of my absolute favorites who recently got engaged.  I had to steal some time with her before she officially becomes a Mrs!!  I wanted to get her the perfect little sweet engagement gift (and of course it hasn’t been delivered yet) but I thought I’d share some of the cute ideas I came across.  Engagement gifts are the perfect opportunity to get something girly and fun!  A new last name means a new monogram so make it personal.  So fun for the brides-to-be in your lives!

Starting from Top Left:  Kate Spade Wedding Belles Airline Cosmetic – $60 // May Books Personalized Wedding Planner – $25 // Hanky Panky “I Do” Thongs – $31 // Kate Spade Bridal Key Fob – $58 // K. Slademade Monogrammed Tip Pouch – $49 //Minnie and Emma Lucite Trays – $98 // C.Wonder Wine Stopper – $22 //C. Wonder Monogram Decorative Plate – $38 // Monogram Acryllic Picture Frame – $22 // Minnie and Emma Bride Stationery (with the cutest envelope liners EVER) – $60 // Catbird Silver Alpha Rings (love the idea of getting a new monogram or initials of the bride and groom!) – $56

Pretty Polished Paper!

12 Jul

By Whitney

I’m always looking for office accessories that aren’t lame to help me appear to be put together at 8AM meetings when really I am sleeping with my eyes open.  Insert May Books.  These customized notebooks let you pick a pattern (nautical ropes, chevrons, you name it), add a monogram in an array of colors, and choose your paper (agendas, baby planning, plain old notebooks).  They’re all under $25 which also make them the perfect gift for the list-lovers in your life (myself included).  A friend just got a new job? What a perfect way to say congrats!  I was bored so I created two (the previews are very helpful) that I would love to see in my taupe cubicle to add that pop of color that we all love so much.

May Books personalized notebooks – $17 – $23

Sales Alert – Correspondence Style

2 Dec

By Whitney

Today’s Lucky Deal Alert is 50% off Minnie & Emma. This is one of my FAVORITE online stores because they have envelope liners.  That is all it takes, people.  Cute envelope liners.

Regularly a set of 20 personalized notecards with AN ENVELOPE LINER costs $60 but it’s $30 today only with the code “luckydaily5” and I can’t recommend this enough.  I adore their prints and you can find such cute stuff that suits your personality.  Notecards, address labels, notepads…all of it is just too cute.

My friend Jean is the queen of sending just the sweetest notes (it really makes your day when you get one from her in the mail) and what a perfect Christmas or bday gift for someone like that.   Stay tuned for some more holiday gift suggestions next week…

Not 100% sure if the discount applies here but the site has some other cute finds like personalized plates and bows for a munchkin or preppy personalized iphone covers for you.