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Product Spotlight – Resurfacing Mask

13 Oct

By Whitney

Today was supposed to be a Tuesday Lust List post and then I tried a new skin product over the past two weeks and realized, PRIORITIES.  The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask is a pricey little sucker but it is worth every penny.  The all natural mask acts like a modified peel and left my skin glowing after 15 minutes.  You can leave it on for longer if your skin isn’t as sensitive (I stuck with 10 – 15 minutes) but when you wash it off you seriously notice a difference.  Love this line and love a new addition to my skin care regimen!

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask – $55


Product Spotlight: Blemish Beater

23 Jun

By Whitney

I always forget about this key item in my beauty arsenal until a zit pops up and I am like, “Umm hi.  Bye.”  Mario Badescu’s silver powder is a game changer.  It gets rid of every blemish and blackhead and it does it’s job ASAP.  You dab it on, wait 10 minutes and your face will look 10x better.  Oh and it is $12.  Obsessed.

ilver powder

Mario Badescu Silver Powder – $12

Product Spotlight – Hair Oil

1 Jun

By Whitney

So I have been blessed with hair that can be air dried and not look heinous.  I’m not saying it looks great but it’s doable.  The best perk of this is not just that I avoid overheating from a blowdryer (my internal thermometer is BROKEN people!) but my long locks avoid a ton of damage and they need whatever they can get.  With hair that has been highlighted for almost 15 years (ENHANCED BLONDE) it definitely suffers and I can almost always see the damage / breakage.  Enter Invisible Hair Oil.  OMG this stuff is amazing!!  You only need a dime size so this $40 bottle lasts a while.  It really protects and also tames at the same time.  Obsessed.  Bumble does it again.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil – $39

Product Spotlight – Turkish Towels

12 Mar

By Whitney

A few years ago, I bought a turkish towel for a fun towel to bring up to the beach or to the rooftop of my building for some sunning.  I didn’t really get the allure right away and then I used it a few times and noticed just light yet absorbent and how super soft it was!  I love all of the preppy stripes and bright colors; these are a beach must.  I noticed the other day that they make hand towels and I’m thinking these are a new kitchen staple.  There are a ton of options (home blankets for a guest room, beach tunics, lots of stuff for babies.) that take these fun colors and bring them to life in lots of places!

Product Spotlight – Armani Eye Pencil

16 Feb

By Whitney

Everyone always asks if you could only live with one product for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Mine is eyeliner.  I truly feel naked if I don’t have eyeliner on.  My favorite lately has been Armani’s eye pencil lining my lids and lightly lining the bottom right by my lash line.  It goes on pretty smoothly and lasts forever.  I owe Lauren a huge thank you for introducing me to the amazing Armani beauty line.  It went from my go-to for favorite events to my everyday products.  My favorite liner colors?  The gray and blue.  So subtle and so pretty.

Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil – $30

This is totally necessary.

18 Nov

By Lauren

Drop everything you are doing and order this product right now.  Since August, I have been using this Make Up Forever shimmer block and it has totally changed my life.  I don’t know what it is, but it makes your skin look completely flawless – the right amount of bright, the right amount of coverage.  It’s quick and it’s easy.  I have practically stopped using any other face make up since getting this!  I will say that the little brush that they market with it is a great tool and I suggest getting that too.  If you can only opt for one – do the block and use your regular face brush.  I have to add that the 3 friends I have who have tried this product ordered it on their phones immediately.  You will not regret this decision!  (In fact, I ordered it immediately after trying my friend’s!  I have the “light tan” color).

Product Spotlight – Benefit Eyeliner

2 Oct

By Whitney

If you were to go on Survivor (okay 10 years ago), what would be the one item you bring?  I debate the answer to this one a lot but I’m pretty sure I would say black liquid eyeliner.  I realize this is an absurd thing to bring (I mean who needs something practical like a toothbrush?) but I am also severely addicted to black eyeliner.  Maybe I would say mascara but I think eyeliner is what really gives people the impression that I am awake / interesting in what they are talking about.  My go-to is usually Stila liquid liner but I tried Benefit’s Push Up Liner last week and now I am addicted.  The line goes on so easily and this stuff just does not come off or fade throughout your day.  It just hugs your lash line better than any other product and all of our lashes need serious hugging.

Benefit Cosmetics - They

Benefit “they’re real” push up eyeliner – $24

Product Spotlight – Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

21 Aug

By Whitney

Every year my skin likes to tell me that I am getting older and I say, game on, face.  What makes the battle truly unfair is when my eyes get wrinklier and then a pimple appears an inch below.  What sort of game is this, skin????  True to form I went to Kiehl’s because their products never irritate my sensitive skin.   I found an amazing face wash and it’s really made a difference.  With my Clarisonic or without, this Kiehl’s face wash gives my face a clean feel like no other.  My skin has definitely cleared up and feels great.  $20 for face wash is pricey but I’d say this is 100% worth it.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (oil free) – $20

P.S. As a side note, a happy birthday to my dad.  Big Ken, you really are the best dad ever.

Product Spotlight – An Awesome Moto Jacket

19 Nov

By Whitney

Normally PP product spotlights are reserved for beauty products but this week I found an awesome moto jacket at a really reasonable price for the winter months. The Gap’s wool moto jacket in bright pink is seriously awesome with a pair of dark jeans and boots.

I love this jacket.  I love how you can use it as your going out jacket to a bar and not have to worry about putting it down and some floozy girl stealing it.  I think the bright pink and cobalt blue versions are fun in all weather but if you’re looking for a more neutral color you can get it in heather gray or a dark navy and wear everyday.  I love this piece.  Wait for The Gap to have one of their guaranteed 40% off weeks and you’ll get yourself a steal.

Gap Wool Moto Jacket (gray/navy or pink/blue) – $128

Product Spotlight – Kor Nava Water Bottle

12 Nov

By Whitney

A few months ago, I read about a new product on Kickstarter that is relevant to all of us who drink a ton of water during the day (DO IT).   I recently noticed that it officially got produced and the Kor water bottle lines are in business.  This chic looking Kor Nava water bottle has a built in filter and is a great idea to save some $$ (I am going to stop buying all of those Smart Waters now).  I love that I can bring this absolutely anywhere and get great quality water (like even in an airport).  It’s sold out but I put myself on the waitlist so that my gym bag can have a new addition!

KOR Nava Hydration Vessel - White/BlueKor Nava “Hydration Vessel” – $30