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Seven Things

26 Jun

LBI houses

By Whitney

This Friday could not be more welcome!  I took this pic in LBI from a parking lot.  Seriously could this place be any cuter?! This was quite a week and I am seriously ready to sleep in tomorrow.  We have my sister’s bridal shower on Sunday so stay tuned for updates on that!  Excited to celebrate my sissy this weekend and to kick off the week before MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

1.  5 Year Old Saige has hilariously HAD IT in this video. What I wouldn’t do to play this at work sometimes…

2.  This yellow floral dress is so sweet and would make for such a perfect girls day!!!

3.  This instagram account that combines food + fashion.  Another of my favorites?  Youdidnoteatthat and NYMag’s hilarious article with the author.

4.  I have a wedding in Napa this summer and I am thinking of either this blue or this navy dress as options. What do you guys think??

5.  Summer time always means my legs look like I got attacked.  Here are some tricks to how to not get mosquito bites!!!

6. My Tuckernuck basket keeps expanding everyday.  This dress, this top, this pineapple belt, these napkins, everything!!!

7.  There is a gorilla in Japan that ladies are saying is quite the handsome devil.  Thank you, Buzzfeed for leaving me SMH.


Seven Things

8 May


By Whitney

1.  There is no introduction for this week’s Seven Things because #1 is a new BRITNEY SONG.  There is no better way to start your weekend!!!

2.  The Met Gala.  Beyonce’s dress.  J Lo’s unreal body.  Pretty much everything. I have no words.  But these memes of Rihanna’s dress keep making me giggle (even when they compared her to eggs – gross).

3.  These Fendi wayfarers are so fun and cool with their different colors / prints.

4.  Reese Witherspoon is the latest celeb with a lifestyle site.  For some reason, I have a good feeling about this one.

5.  This Iro blazer.  Not so much online but in person I swear it’s AMAZING.

6.  A woman gave up her $95K salary to move to the islands.  If only I didn’t have a mortgage / Amex statement…

7.  Flamingos on my feet?  I think yes.

Seven Things

1 May

hello may

By Whitney

Happy May everyone!  Spring has definitely sprung in nyc and the city is looking it’s prettiest.  Hope everyone has fun plans for the derby and is wearing a big hat this weekend. xoxoxo

1.  Times New Roman is the “sweatpants” of fonts for resumes.

2.  Dreaming of wearing this dress this summer.  If only it weren’t $1400.

3.  The A to Z of Harry Potter.  HP has come back into my life at full force and I’m all about it.

4.  My favorite kind of jewelry – simple and clean.  This ring is so easy.

5.  I always post about dogs and have been told that I am being discriminatory about cats.  Shoutout to Wilbur, basically the mascot of our business school years, but this article explains cats expressions and it was definitely not what I thought.

6.  On my workout list this month?  This 40 minute full body routine that had me sore for two days and this inner thigh workout (12 minutes) which I probably need to do every single day.

7.  This gingham top and shorts combo from DVF – I DIE.

Seven Things

27 Feb
bean boots in snow

            By Whitney

This week was a crazy one and flew by.  My requirement for any activity I do this weekend (besides sleeping) is that it must be able to get done in leggings.  Brunch plans?  Fine, I’m showing up in lululemons.  Spin class?  Sounds good.

  1. So let’s discuss the Oscars.  I have to admit, there weren’t too many looks that blew me away (exception: Lupita Nyongo and that pearl dream that got STOLEN).  A lot of the dresses looked like a high school prom dress from Cache.  Is it terrible that I liked Gwyneth’s pink cake confection?  I know, I know.  These candids from the show are also fun.
  1. I’ve never worn a jumpsuit before but I can’t get enough of this one.  So stunning.
  1.  Some shopping tricksfor those that shop on Amazon.
  1.  This ribbon necklaceis cool and under $60.   Success.
  1. I’ve read about a couple of start ups that I thought were interesting.  First, Acorns.  It takes your credit card and bank account charges, rounds them up and then takes the difference (like 75 cents) and puts it into an investment account.  Brilliant for terrible savers like myself.  Second, Host Committee.  How annoying is it to plan an event and then have to bother everyone to pay you?  This site solves that problem.
  1. I’ve posted Rebecca Harrington’s articles before but this one where she tries all of Jane Fonda’s workoutsis hilarious.
  1.  I just finished this book The Girl On The Trainand I’m recommending.  Super good mystery and fits into your “can I do this in leggings?” activities.

Seven Things

20 Feb

Frozen Apple shivering at its core with no relief in sight

By Whitney

Soooo it’s really cold this week.  My SmartWool socks (thank you, Annie Schnobrich for that tip!) are really getting worn this winter and all of my sweaters feel like they are worth every penny.  This photo above is Bryant Park’s fountain which shocked me when I walked by it this week.  Frozen!  Speaking of Frozen, it’s so chilly that a town in Kentucky has issued an “arrest warrant” for Elsa.  Let’s all bundle up and watch movies this weekend.

1.  It’s a rare seven things without a Taylor Swift reference.  Her new Style video is awesome.

2.  This Kate Spade coat for spring??? SO GORGEOUS.

3.  Loeffler Randall’s spring collection.  Dreaming of these and these.

4.  Did you guys watch the SNL 40th anniversary?  Jimmy Fallon’s recap is pretty entertaining (9 minutes long for some people I know who can’t sit and pay attn to anything) but one of my favorite skits was Adam Sandberg and Adam Sandler’s digital short.

5.  This JCrew necklace is a fun statement piece that literally goes with everything.

6.  With the Oscars coming up, look at every dress worn by the Best Actress winner since 1929.  So fun to see how things have changed!

7.  Elaine Benes is top 3 favorite females on television ever.  Her fake instagram had me laughing out loud.  Seinfeld just never gets old.

Seven Things

30 Jan

Palm Beach Chic with Parker Kennedy Living- The Glam Pad

By Whitney

It was a cold and snowy week so I spent a lot of time looking at Palm Beach decor to give me some inspiration for my apartment decorating Pinterest-ing (follow my Pinterest board here if you want!).  I’ll probably be doing this all weekend.  Happy Super Bowl!!!

1.  I love a big cozy Vince sweater and this one for $140 is a steal.  I wear the Theory version of this pretty much every weekend.

2.  On the snowday this week (#NYCletdown) learned some very basic tricks.  1)  How to do your own manicure.  2)  How to get the salt stains out of your boots and 3)  how to tell a coworker they have food in your teeth

3.  Hello preppy DVF dress for spring.  Perf.

4.  A coworker of mine (and also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met) ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents (!!!!).  So fun seeing Tim;s story on People and MSN but he’s doing it all for charity so I had to link his donation site if you wanted to support him.  Amazing.  I ran 3 miles this morning and felt like I did a really good job so…TRUMP CARD.

5.  Saw this light blue jacket at Intermix and loved it.  Now it’s on sale so grab this guy up for spring transitions!

6.  Bringing an app to a superbowl party?  Try one of these!  Also, the annual lip reading NFL youtube is out.  Always makes me laugh.

7.  Now let’s all take a Chanel break.  Spring 2015 Couture shows happened this week.  My favorite Chanel looks? #3#9,   #58, and #71.

Seven Things

23 Jan

By Whitney

I am off to DC tonight to have a PP reunion!!  I am so excited to see Lauren and drink champs.   I know this week has only been four workdays long but I am fully ready for an alcoholic beverage (or 3).  Cheers!

1.  I love these colorful “bee” earrings.

2.  This article is hilar and so true to form for women.  Thank you Ashleigh for posting this on fb.

3.  I love a shawl cardigan.  Especially one for $65.  (You guys, I’ve really committed to not shopping until 2Q15.   NAILING IT.)

4.  A few summers ago I got hooked on tea tree oil for a ridiculous amount of mosquito bites I got.  I still love it for any sort of cut and now these products with the magical ingredient are on my list.

5.  I know so many people were obsessed with Serial.  Here are some other podcasts for those that were like me and listened to the entire series in pretty much a week.

6.   I really want to get a white tufted headboard.  What do you guys think of this one??

7.  This quick youtube clip of a baby seeing his mom for the first time is so sweet I can’t handle it.

Seven Things

16 Jan


By Whitney

Happy Friday before a long weekend!  Can’t go wrong right?  I’m looking forward to painting some furniture with chalk paint this weekend (BIG SUNDAY HERE YOU GUYS) and catching up with some lovely ladies (and babies) this weekend.  Lauren sent me this quote yesterday and we thought it summed up life pretty simply.  Xoxo

1.  In case you were wondering, I was NOT nominated for an Oscar but if I was, I would starve myself to wear this or maybe this or probably this if my husband were Eddie Redmayne or The Cumberbatch.

2.  Lots of snow everywhere these days which is a downer but watching Bao Bao the Panda have his first snow day is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

3.  This clip of “if people were honest at the office” is great.

4.  These watercolor pumps are making me long for spring…

5.  iPhone tricks are always helpful.

6.  Since the world is Oscar Buzzing, you really need to read a few books that were made into movies.  American Sniper is pretty unreal, Unbroken (snubbed) had me in its grips and The Boys in The Boat isn’t a movie yet but read it first and thank me later.

7.   I  love this floral Milly number that you can wear winter into early spring.

Seven Things

9 Jan

By Whitney

It was a quiet PP week (mostly bc Lauren and I are both sick with colds) so apologies on that but who really wanted to get back to work this week?  No.  One.   Take us back to PB above.  Thankssssss.

1.  I’m starting off 2015 by starting a “Malibu Barbie Chanel Bag” savings account.  Like this one.

2.   NYMag always has articles where their journalists try these crazy fad diets and write pretty entertaining journals about them.  This one where Rebecca Harrington tries Taylor Swift’s for a week had me giggling.

3.  Lauren posted these earrings over Christmas but I’m reposting them again bc they are a) $44 and b) awesome.

4.  Loeffler Randall has a big discount on their boots this weekend ($275 off with code BESTINSHOW).  Best. Boots. Ever.

5.   Pretty much every skin solution that can be solved with every type of concealer.

6.  Over the holidays, Lauren and I discussed starting a blog entitled, “WTF is my dad doing” because our dad’s were constantly doing absurd/entertaining things (in a loving way, Big Ken).  This instagram feed called Fashion Dads is hilarious and if our dads didn’t have three fashionistas in their lives (many feel they have the worst lives of all time), they’d 100% be on here.

7.  Speaking of the holidays, my time off only enticed me more to move to Florida.  Who wouldn’t want to live in this state filled with insane news stories.

Seven Things

19 Dec

LL bean pic

By Whitney

You guys, it’s now the Friday before Christmas so let’s. get. ready.  I love the holidays and I love the photo above from LL Bean.  I’m excited for sun on Sunday but I’ll always love a holiday winter wonderland!!

 1.  This was a rough week for me sleep-wise so this was pretty much my reaction to work every morning.

2.  I love this dress for a fancy New Years and it’s 30% off with code GIFT14!

3.  This girl’s take on being single for the holidays is just so funny.

4.  I have been done with my holiday shopping for a while so I bought myself a present and got these Loeffler Randalls.  Can Jessie Randall ever do anything wrong???

5.  Lauren sent this to me yesterday and I drooled over so many gorgeous dresses from resort collections.  Save this for when you are having a comfy sleeping in morning next week to just read through and dream about wearing things like that Jason Wu dress (and having no hips to actually wear it).

6.    Are you guys obsessed with Serial?  I am.  Here are some theories to get your minds turning.

7.  Go get these pj’s for opening presents on Christmas morning and stay in them all day.