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Seven Things

9 Oct

domino mag insta

By Whitney

Another exhausting week come and gone and I am ready to turn my computer off for a couple of days.  PP reunion this weekend!!  So excited to see Lauren and drink champs and catch up.  xoxoxo  (photo courtesy of Domino magazine’s instagram – such a good one!).

1.  I’ve been into the helix cuffs lately and this double one is seriously cool.

2.  Pets hating their halloween costumes is making me LAUGH.

3.  This dress is being added to my work wardrobe.  It’s cool and professional, a tough combo to find.

4.  Someone invented a recipe for funfetti twinkies.  That someone is my dream whisperer.

5.  I’m kind of into this navy suede Tory Burch tote.

6.  You guys, I got a fitbit and I’m kind of obsessed with it.  My favorite part is tracking my sleep and seeing that I really do sleep like a person who is unconscious.  Do I need one of these?  HELP.

7.  An assortment of men’s fall shoe options (hello male readers!!!)

Seven Things

25 Sep

sparkle pumpkins

By Whitney

This has been a longgggg week.  Lauren and I were texting late last night about a) why we were up so late (UGH OUR JOBS) and b) why we are ALWAYS UP.  The reasons to both?  Work.  We are sleepy ladies.  Fall is officially here though and these sequin pumpkins feel like they were made for my new apartment.  You can make these yourself (DIY pretty pumpkin instructions here)!

1.  The Pope is here, you guys.  You can’t help but feel inspired this week.  An interesting article on Pope Francis and now I am going to take another lesson from him and stop spending my hard earned casheesh.

2.  But maybe I’ll buy this goatskin leather blazer FIRST and then stop spending.

3.  Here’s to a another DIY project these weekend.  I want to try this white + gold leaf picture frame for my new digs!

4.  I love a simple piece of jewelry.  This ring is no exception.

5.  Tights season is coming up shortly.  I was shocked reading this article on how to make your tights last longer this winter season.

6.  Are you guys still into peplum? If you’re still rocking it, this colorblocked ruffle sweater is srsly cute.

7.  NYMag’s article on the prom queen of Instagram is long but seriously worth the entertainment. This girl is a junior in high school and legit fascinating.

Seven Things

18 Sep

pink poodle parade

By Whitney

What is everyone up to this weekend?  I am looking forward to some sleep and enjoying the last of this amazing weather!!  I covered a few cities in my work travels this week so on the cards this weekend is a serious hair mask and some SERUMS to help the plane damage. Happy weekend!  xoxo (Image courtesy of OhHappyDay”s instagram)

1.  These suede shorts.  Lauren needs these immediately.

2.  Mental noting these gorgeous floral ice cubes for when I throw my housewarming party this winter.  I need some time to get the place ready PEOPLE.

3.  I came across these Trina Turk shoes this week and I love them.  I always struggle to find dressy sandals that I actually like.  These fit the bill.

4.  Anyone want to go for a pizza date?

5.  Saw this jacket in the window of Zara in Chicago this week.  It’s classic and will be a work staple for those of us that classic pieces every day.

6.  17 websites to visit when you are bored out of your mind…an article from Buzzfeed, my usual go-to when I need a mind break.

7.  This pink sweater COATIGAN.  Yes please!

Seven Things

11 Sep

Hello hello everyone!!!  Happy Friday!   Happy September!  Happy Fashion Week!  Happy everything!  I’ve missed you!!  I am sorry to have been blogging absent these past couple of months.  Between buying an apartment, decorating, my sissy getting married, oh and that pesky job of mine, life has been BUSY.  But I am back and what better way to say hello than a Seven Things?  Any requests this fall ladies???  Let’s get them in.  xxoxoxox

1.  I’m headed to the US Open today and while I hope I get on camera, I’m not sure my parents know all of the moves like Jimmy and Justin

2.  This tweed jacket for fall.  NO WORDS.

3.  I am sure many of you saw this but I had to repost.  Socialty Barbie’s instagram making fun of everyone’s absurdly superficial and fake posts are amazing.  Thank you Barbie for always being A+.

4.  I’ll be posting more on the suede trend for fall this season but in the meantime, this navy Theory dress has a serious spot on my current wish list.

5.  I’ve never been huge into fringe but if you wanted to dabble in it this fall, my favorite Loeffler pumps have a cool addition to the heel!

6.  A workout you can do in your car?  It might not be a 5 mile run but anything counts, right?!!

7.  JCrew fall collection is back, y’all. THANK HEAVENS my two year hiatus on JCrew purchases can COMMENCE with this adorable sweater, this perfect silk top and a dress to work that I would be happy in.

Seven Things

10 Jul

By Whitney

My apologies for PP being so quiet lately.  I have been 100% slammed these past couple of weeks with so much going on. We threw my sister a gorgeous bridal shower, my favorite holiday meant picking an adorable new RWB outfit and I officially became a homeowner!!  Crazy crazy crazy.  Time for a nap (or an A+ bachelorette party).

1.  I love a shirtdress and this baby pink one is perfection.

2.  Nourish Snacks have become my go-to for snacking everyday.  Joy Bauer from The Today Show started these pocket size under 200 calories healthy snack idea and I’m 100% involved.  Mr. Popular and Cowboy Crunch are my favorites!

3.  I am loving these rattan stools for my new apartment.  My lust list is getting OOC…

4.  Spritzer recipes for summer.  Who doesn’t love a spritzer???

5.  I’m usually not super into wedding dresses but these Lela Rose ones are perfection.

6.  My friend Abby sent me this video of this little girl popping and locking.  This girl is UNREAL.

7.  As someone who is not a hugger, this article spoke to me.

Seven Things

26 Jun

LBI houses

By Whitney

This Friday could not be more welcome!  I took this pic in LBI from a parking lot.  Seriously could this place be any cuter?! This was quite a week and I am seriously ready to sleep in tomorrow.  We have my sister’s bridal shower on Sunday so stay tuned for updates on that!  Excited to celebrate my sissy this weekend and to kick off the week before MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!

1.  5 Year Old Saige has hilariously HAD IT in this video. What I wouldn’t do to play this at work sometimes…

2.  This yellow floral dress is so sweet and would make for such a perfect girls day!!!

3.  This instagram account that combines food + fashion.  Another of my favorites?  Youdidnoteatthat and NYMag’s hilarious article with the author.

4.  I have a wedding in Napa this summer and I am thinking of either this blue or this navy dress as options. What do you guys think??

5.  Summer time always means my legs look like I got attacked.  Here are some tricks to how to not get mosquito bites!!!

6. My Tuckernuck basket keeps expanding everyday.  This dress, this top, this pineapple belt, these napkins, everything!!!

7.  There is a gorilla in Japan that ladies are saying is quite the handsome devil.  Thank you, Buzzfeed for leaving me SMH.

Seven Things

12 Jun

Displaying IMG_0285.JPGBy Whitney

It’s been a long week and this Friday feels even more deserved than others.  Our family had a really rough week saying goodbye to my sister’s dog Kevin who, as anyone who knows us knows, was a truly special guy and we loved SO MUCH.  We’ll miss him dearly.

1.  Love this fun little summer number.

2.  This perfect beach house is in my favorite beach town, LBI!!!

3.  This sunny little yellow dress is so perfect and darling.

4.   I love this easy Topshop tank that comes in tons of colors.

5.  I was sent this article by one of my fav coworkers and I was shocked at how much I’ve changed since my 20’s to my 30’s.  Couldn’t be more true!

6.  Cracking up at Bravo’s new show Odd Mom Out.  Jill Kargman is hilarious showing how NYC moms are a special breed.

7.   This video that one dog owner made to say goodbye to his best friend was especially touching this week.

Seven Things

5 Jun

Lulu DK, Sardinia, Framed Print

By Whitney

I’m thinking of this fun painting for my new digs but figured it was a fun pic for Seven Things this week in the meantime!!  Happy Friday!!  This strange cold June weather is ending this weekend so I hope everyone is doing something fun.

1.  Someone threw a Palm Beach themed flamingo + banana leaf party.  DREAM.  This is definitely inspiring a post for next week.

2.  I got this gorge dress from my parents for my birthday.  I am loving it and it fits like a glove!!

3.  I loved these mint converse and if you want to add a pop of mint to your gym routine, these New Balances are so cute!

4.  Who knew this correct way to fold your tee’s and socks?!!!  Marie Kondo you are a genius.

5.  I just went through and watched the entire series of The Office.  I laughed so much but  this article shows how touching the show could be!!

6.  Obsessed with this blue striped dress from Topshop.

7.  Jon Stewart always made me laugh but his take on Caitlyn Jenner really made an impact.  Friday inspiration.

Seven Things

22 May

By Whitney

It’s Memorial Day weekend which is the unofficial start to summer but more importantly, a day to pay tribute to the men and women who are serving our country.  It’s also fleet week here in NYC so lots of tips of the hat from my end.

1.  Memorial Day means white is 100% allowed (rule following or not, we can all wear our white pants now).  I’m on the hunt for a white denim jacket to add to my spring jacket collection.  Maybe this one from JCrew…

2.  In honor of David Letterman’s last show, his Taco Bell prank from 1996 makes you laugh not just because of how funny he is but also the hair/outfits are a legit throwback.

3.  If you know me, you know I am obsessed with any sort of flavored seltzer and could talk about it for hours (it’s like my version of Best In Show).  Clearly Canadian coming back?  WHAT.

4.  I can’t get enough of this Lilly print.

5.  I love the idea of these (easy) red white and blue cones to bring to your Memorial Day bbqs!

6.  This dress is $36 and it’s not even a question if it’s joining my summer wardrobe.

7.  Celebrity book lists.  I am downloading lots of these for my relaxing beach weekend with my dear friend Ashleigh! xoxox

Seven Things

15 May

Lilly koi

By Whitney

Happy Friday!!!  I am so excited for a relaxing weekend.  The weather is great, I’m fully juice cleansed, and my spray tan is about to happen as this post gets published.  XoXo

1.  Blue and white is my favorite and this dress is perfection (my sissy’s shower perhaps?).

2.  Sometimes I feel like I am a Disney princess so this article resonated.

3.   I posted this necklace a couple of weeks ago but I have gotten so many compliments on it, it’s a must.

4.  Things that don’t go together: Silicon Valley and Fashion Week.

5.  Got these shoes at the Loeffler Randall sample sale this week ($350 down to $150?  I think yes).  Go check out the sale NYC girls!  It’s A+

6.  If you haven’t read the NYTimes article on nail salons, please do.  It was a real eye-opener for me (thank you, Dad) and I can’t stop following the news on it since.

7.  Mad Men is over this weekend.  I wasn’t into it these past two seasons but these most recent episodes are A+.  6 Things you need to know for the finale (spoiler alert, obvs).