Zoya Polish Favorites

24 Jan

By Whitney

I have shared my love of my favorite nailpolish brand Zoya in the past but I just want to tout it again.  Today I’m on day 6 of a manicure without a topcoat layer since.  Not a chip in sight.  By day 4, I am usually a chipped mess and today my nails look almost as perfect as they did on Saturday when I had them done.  THIS IS IMPRESSIVE, PEOPLE.  Zoya polishes are all toxin-free and long-lasting, a win-win.   Below are my favorite colors.  The nailpolish remover is also a great buy since it doesn’t smell all that bad and the bottle prevents you from making a mess.  I’ll be bringing over my Dove polish to the salon this weekend to get a fresh coat!

Zoya Favorites

Top Row:   Kennedy // Megan // Dove (the perfect gray) // Normani

Bottom Row:  Sailor // Kristen // Whitney (clearly biased) // Rue


One Response to “Zoya Polish Favorites”

  1. knivesliao January 24, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    I need to try this out!

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