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25 Aug

by Lauren

Salut! and sorry for my radio silence – I have been all over the globe traveling and most recently have arrived in Paris… where I promptly (and accidentally) locked my laptop in a safe and couldn’t get it out.

Paris has obviously been divine.  My favorite sights have been les jardins des tuileries and the incredible architecture that defines the city.


Hat:  Otte New York

Obviously the shopping has been insane.  Aside from the standard French storefronts – Chloe, Celine, Chanel, Hermes, Maje, Sandro – we have been obsessing over Claudie Pierlot & Gerard Darel.  These brands do have a couple of stores in the states – but they are tough to find.  I think you’ll see Claudie Pierlot cropping up a bit more in the US, as they are part of the the killer Maje/Sandro duo.


Katelyn and I have both purchased a couple of jackets from each of the above mentioned stores.  Since my new job starts in a month I have focused on blazers that I can wear to the office and then pair with (my favorite) shorts and silk pants for going out on the weekends.  The structure and quality of the jackets here is unparalleled in the US.


Generally speaking, the French footwear is nothing to drool over.  However, Katelyn and I both found a sick pair of lace up, cut-out booties at Gerard Darel (above) and had to have them.

I am pretty confident that this fall is all about minimalism, and as such, have been taking notes from the French who have mastered this style.  My fall shopping thus far has focused on chic silk pants, structured tops, leather accents, and loads of mixing neutral colors – white, black, & tan.  The key to pulling this look is finding pieces that fit you perfectly… and if they don’t – making sure they are altered to fit you perfectly.  Think about menswear – the men who look the best are the ones who take simple, classic pieces and have them tailored to fit their bodies at every crease, seam, and cuff.   Investing in a few staple pieces for the fall will get you a long way – try to find silk trousers, and interesting shirts (see above) that you can mix and match – this will lend  a ton of outfit options for day and night without feeling like you are buying an entirely new closet.  The great thing about minimalist style is that the pieces you buy this season can be mixed in over years to come when styles change because they are usually basic with a twist.  I will post some more ideas on this in the weeks to come!

A Hong Kong Shopping Adventure

25 Jul

By Whitney

Back in early May, I was in Hong Kong for work and my mom suggested I go get a bag made as a present to myself.  Obviously she is a smart woman as this was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.  Off I went to Maylin in the Penninsula Hotel (if you ever get the chance to be in HK, go check out the shopping underneath the Penninsula.  It’s spectacular in such a gorgeous hotel!!) as recommended by Babs.  I spent some time perusing the bags and seeing what I wanted and I came across a lizard clutch with a long chain in navy and said that was it.  I went through a literal book of different lizard skin colors to choose from and the teal jumped out at me instantly.  These awesome women were running around to find me exactly what I wanted (see below)  and the service was amazing.  I felt like a really fancy person.
Hong Kong Bags

Two months later, the bag arrived and I was super pumped to open up that package.  The bag is AMAZING.  It’s a wallet on a chain and the most gorgeous teal lizard I could have imagined.  It’s definitely a mini (see below relative to my legs) but I used it on Saturday night and was obsessed.  Such a fun purchase and I’m so glad I did it!!

Finished Product!

Travel Outfits

21 Jun

by Lauren

We received a request for suggestions on international travel outfits for work and play.  Obviously the biggest concern with travel is wrinkling so a travel pack list is all about the fabric – pontes, tweeds, and boucles are best for work attire & for play clothes – denim, bonded silk (see: e.g., the material on my favorite Nicholas skirt), thick knits and generally “stiff” materials will endure the packing and re-packing.  Packing any kind of thin material will drive you bananas – steer clear of 100% silk.

Kate Spade & Trina Turk make some great fabrics for travel clothes and their cuts are conservative enough to make them perfect for working overseas.  Zara also has some great blazer options that will stay wrinkle free.

Tweed KS skirt

Tweed Kate Spade Skirt (on sale) 

TT Peplum

Trina Turk

This dress is a perfect work to happy hour & dinner transition piece – the peplum makes it updated but the cut is ultra conservative and appropriate for a business setting.  If this is too much for your office – I also love the pencil skirt complement because the color is a great deviation from black and would look awesome with a boucle ivory blazer.

PS – for bloomies card holders they are offering 15-20% off right now!



Zara is most definitely best shopped in person because you need to gauge the fabrics and it can be pretty hit or miss as we know – but I actually own this blazer and it’s great for travel.  The material really holds up & because the jacket has so many different colors in it you can wear it with just about any bottom – so it is versatile in that sense, but it is also versatile because it is work appropriate but looks cute with jeans, shorts, or a skirt for a night out.


One of my favorite “play” looks right now is a pair of shorts or a skirt, a basic top & a denim vest.  I think it looks super “cool” and because of the multiple pieces, it looks thoughtful and put together.  My new favorite store, the gap, has a great vest (above) & I think you could wear it with these Zara shorts, this skirt (which I have – this is a bad photo of it) – and just about anything with a waist (make sure you wear it open to show your wait if the bottoms have a high waist).

You could also throw the vest on after work with a pencil skirt to dress your outfit down before heading out for the evening!

Shop Gap for 25% off with “GAPGIFT” {vest is sold out online but check stores – I’ve seen it everywhere}

How to NOT Check a Bag

28 Feb

Suitcase Advice

By Whitney

I’m not going to lie.  I am pretty talented at packing a carry on.  Traveling for three days is a pretty easy thing for me but five+ days is where it gets a bit tricky.  Every nook & cranny of that suitcase + carry on tote bag is one that must be utilized to it’s fullest.  When going on a week long international trip for work, I refuse to bring anything but a carry on.   I want to get in and out as quickly as possible and checking a bag is not an option.  I’m headed to Germany on Sunday and the above  pretty much what’s in my bag.  I tend to focus on two key pieces that I can alternate between (and get dry cleaned while I’m there).  The trick is to bring different complementary pieces that fold nicely (cardigans are key) and have your accessories be as versatile and classic as possible.  I’ll pack three pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of pumps and flats.

Base #1:  Pencil Skirt

The DVF Koto pencil skirt might be the best purchase I made in 2012.  It’s ponte knit fabric can be worn year round and it works well with pretty much everything.  I also am going to try the Halogen version as it’s $45 and comes in so many fun colors.  Pairing this with a neutral silk blouse (JCrew’s adorable button Sosie has been on my list this spring) or a detailed cardigan (I couldn’t resist putting in this mint Oscar de la Renta bow one but try Kate Spade’s Ruthie which is equally as cute but hard to find these days!).  I also love this Nanette Lepore option.  The trick is to pack as many neutral blouses as I can fit because I’ll wear them with skinny pants if I do some sightseeing (yet to happen).  Dark gray patent pumps area perfect versatile neutral.

Base #2:  Sheath Dress

Kate Spade makes the best little black workdress every season and the Evie Sheath Dress is this spring’s.  This dress is my go-to for when I need to be more formal with a jacket and my preference is a tweed blazer like this Tory Burch Emma Jacket.  I’ll throw on a preppy cardi (that also can be worn with my pencil skirt), a classic chunky gold necklace and a gold belt to finish off the outfit on a more informal day.  I’ve never been a Steve Madden fan but these heels have such a great feminine bow on them they would be a great option for my suitcase since I always try to add something girly to my basics.

Base #3:  Skinnies

The key to my casual looks are skinny pants and leggings.  A drapey cardigan, scalloped ballet flats and lots of comfy soft leggings.  I pretty much will wear this on the plane and bring pashminas and drape large amounts of clothing on me to keep me warm as I am freezing on every flight I go on.

And that’s my suitcase.  Deutschland, here I come!

Travel Bag Quest

25 Jan

By Lauren & Whitney

We received a question from a reader, Kelley, about a good travel bag option.  Kelley & her husband are taking a trip to South America for three weeks next month *holy jealousy* and she needs a good travel bag – preferably one that isn’t flashy, that zips, is affordable; and I am going to add in another requirement: one that is lightweight.

MJ Ostrich Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ozzie Tote:  This bag is imitation leather (so it’s ostrich friendly & reasonably priced!) and comes in two great neutrals that will match just about anything you could pack.  It zips & it’s super chic.  A nylon MJ option is also available (potentially more discreet).

3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag:  Deviating momentarily from the affordable requirement – but I have to – because I love this bag, this Phillip Lim would be a great travel bag – it zips, its chic, its glam, its everything – and it is obviously something you would use outside of your trip on a daily basis.  It’s only strike is that there does not appear to be a shoulder strap.

Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Setter Tote: This Jet Setter Tote is perfectly classic and lady like.  It is available in an array of colors, it zips, and I just love those side pockets!

Clare Vivier Messenger Bag

This Clare Vivier Messenger Bag comes in a ton of colors (including navy and black) and the choice between shoulder strap or handles make it versatile and comfy.  It also comes with a detachable pouch for your little sussies.

Annabel Ingall Bag

It doesn’t come with a zipper but the champagne color of this Annabel Ingall tote is so so pretty.   The handles are big, the tote is large and the shape is exactly what you need when carrying a ton of stuff.  It also comes in lots of amazing colors on their site (I love the blue bell!!)

Charleston Weekend: Part 1

8 Jan

by Lauren

I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Charleston with my parents.  I had never been before and was so taken by the city’s charm.  It is completely untouched by modern efficiencies & is picture perfect down to every last detail.  My trip there was short so we had to make the most of it – we toured the city on foot and while my dad went on a horse carriage historical tour, my mom and I hit the antique shops.  Here are a few highlights:


One of the first shops we went into was called The Boutique.  It had tons of pretty dishes and home items.  I adored this wooden table, which would be the perfect bar cart, nightstand or living room end table:


I left the shop with a Nest Candle (my favorite!) & a cute gift for my sister.


Just around the corner and down the Street from The Boutique is Dulles Designs. The custom stationery and letterpress is a treat for the eyes (hello, brides to be!).  I absolutely loved browsing the different samples – something about impeccable correspondence captivates my attention – it just exudes polish!



Dulles Designs also had great gift items – I loved this little dish with the Coco Chanel quote.  A perfect housewarming or b-day gift for one of your fashionable friends.

Stay tuned for more photos from my time in Charleston!

Happy New Year!

Key Fall Vacation Piece – A Chambray Shirt

12 Sep

By Whitney

I am going to South Africa tomorrow for work and am being told I should try to bring a carry on for a little over a week. I really don’t know how this is going to be possible but I’m trying to pack versatile items that will work for me in lots of different ways.  My key piece for my upcoming safari weekend?  A chambray shirt from Madewell.  It’s the only new thing that I bought for the trip (it costs $75 so I think that’s allowed) and I have a feeling I will wear it a ton after I come back.  I plan on wearing this on the plane with a pair of  leggings but I have four different bottoms to try with it as well.  I can tuck it into neutral shorts for seeing giraffes, tied at the waist with a white pair of J Brand twill pants while possibly riding an elephant (I feel like I can wear white after Labor Day in Africa, no?) and worn just loosely with cuffed sleeves with a pair of straight leg jeans.  One option I won’t be trying in Africa but looks adorable for fall is tucked into a black leather skirt. I still love this one from Madewell!

Handbag Essentials

7 Aug

By Whitney

Ever since my parents got me my Mulberry Bayswater tote for my 26th birthday, I’ve used it for just about everything.  It is the absolute BEST work bag and has been broken in to such a gorgeous tan leather color.  My monogrammed K. Sladesmade clutch carries my beauty essentials and gets thrown from bag to bag depending on the day.  Everyday I’m carrying the following necessities:

Top Row:  Elizabeth and James Lafayette Sunglasses – $155 // May Books Personalized Monthly Agenda – $22 // Pilot V5 Multicolor Pens ( 7 pack) – $15 // Emi-Jay Hair Ties (3 pack) – $6.50 // Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Sandy – $18 // Boscia Blotting Linens – $10 // Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Sydney – $18 // Benefit Boi-ing Cover Up – $20 // Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in black – $20 // Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball – $25

Bottom Row:  Evian Spray – $7 // K. Sladesmade Tip Pouch – $48 // pig key chain (c/o my boyfriend) // Mason Pearson Pocket Brush – $88 // Carmex Chapstick – $2// Shemergency Survival Kit – $25


Weekenders For The Weekend

20 Jul

By Whitney

Our apologies for going a tad MIA this week but things have been a bit hectic.  I have found myself headed out of the city almost every weekend this summer and this has lead me to re-examine my weekend bag situation as I see a ton of different options every Friday on the streets of NYC.  My go-to is a grayish purple and white polka dot LeSportSac from a couple of years ago that seems to become a Mary Poppins bag when it comes to overpacking.   These are some of my favorites that I’ve seen thus far and it’s only July!

Top Row:  Rail and Wharf 48 Hour Duffel – $118 (a bag your boyfriend won’t mind carrying for you) // Deux Lux Bowery B Sides Weekend Duffel – $216 (I am loving the gray but this also comes in pink, red, black, ecru and yellow!) // LeSportsac Large Weekender Duffle – $88 – $120

Bottom Row:  Tory Burch Robinson Weekend Bag – $850 (love the orange leather for your fall trips!) // Jack Spade Wing Duffel – $395 (this is a guy’s bag but it’s classic) // J McLaughlin SailCloth Duffel – $275 (a great monogrammed piece that I’ve had on my lust list for years)

Lauren & Ladies in LA

2 Nov

by Lauren

Some of my besties and I are heading to LA for the weekend.  We are looking forward to reliving the wild times of our younger years and catching up.  We’ve all been very close since we were 11 & it is special we get to spend this time together.  That said…WHAT TO WEAR!

I am going to recycle one of my favorite party outfits that I have only worn once before.  It consists of a BRIGHT blue pair of silk tibi cropped pants I got on sale at theoutnet.com last winter.  {similar pair here by Rag & Bone} with a black sequin jacket that I got on sale from shopbop last winter by Club Monaco – GREAT purchase & {similar look here}.  I have a nice pair of velvet pumps with some spark detailing that complements this well.  On night # 2 I am going to wear a bright silk dress like the Red Parker Faux Wrap with these AWESOME Jean Michael Cazabat collared pumps I have been eyeing forever that have FINALLY gone on sale on Endless.com and using their Friends & Family code “NOVEVENT” [good until Nov 3] I scored an extra 20% off! I went for the taupe and graphite pair but it was a TOUGH decision between those and the tan / black.  For winter, I thought the former would match my clothing better.  My sister introduced me to this serefina jewelry line and I cannot stop obsessing over her feathery designs.  I love these parrot earrings so much.

For our day around town, the weather is telling me it’s going to be quite cool… I’m going to wear my trusty See by Chloe most favorite boots ever, my flare jeans, and my Bec & Bridge shearling vest – three items I have been obsessing about for awhile now so I won’t go into more detail there.

Meghan convinced me to order these T by Alexander Wang sweat pants and I am so happy I did – they are perfect for casual weekends, days you feel like being comfortable, and most of all – airplane rides.  I am very excited to wear these on Virgin America – the BEST airline (check it out).  I will take lots of pictures!!