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SOS – Hair Repair

24 Sep

By Whitney

My hair right now is LONG.  It is mermaid style.  While I love having it this length, it is gross and definitely damaged.  I also tend to get insane knots when the winter season comes if my hair is at this (sort of professionally inappropriate, long-hair-don’t-care) hair length.  Enter hair masks and strengthening products.  My hair needs some serious HELP to keep it looking its best and keep up with my highlights (or enhancements, as I like to call them).  Here are my go-to products to keep my hair silky and strengthen these strands UP.

Kérastase Masque Chroma Riche - Treat

Kerastase Chroma Riche Hair Masque (not a mask, a hair MASQUE) – $62.50.  This mask really makes your hair so gorgeous.  It leaves it silky and smooth especially for anyone with dry hair that happens this winter season!

dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil

Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Oil  – $29.  This stuff smells like patchouli and some sort of festival with hipsters but it is amazing.

BB Full potential conditioner BB Full potential shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Full Potential Shampoo ($34) and Conditioner ($31).  I tried this stuff as samples and after three washes, I was hooked.  Bumble and Bumble saves my hair once again.

Product Spotlight – Hair Oil

1 Jun

By Whitney

So I have been blessed with hair that can be air dried and not look heinous.  I’m not saying it looks great but it’s doable.  The best perk of this is not just that I avoid overheating from a blowdryer (my internal thermometer is BROKEN people!) but my long locks avoid a ton of damage and they need whatever they can get.  With hair that has been highlighted for almost 15 years (ENHANCED BLONDE) it definitely suffers and I can almost always see the damage / breakage.  Enter Invisible Hair Oil.  OMG this stuff is amazing!!  You only need a dime size so this $40 bottle lasts a while.  It really protects and also tames at the same time.  Obsessed.  Bumble does it again.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser Invisible Oil – $39

New Hair Tool Alert

19 Feb

By Whitney

I may not have the most interesting of hair and I tend to keep it the same blonde year after year, but you know what, I am pretty content with my long straight tresses.  I’m blessed and don’t need to do much (including drying it when it’s not negative degrees out) but I’ve always wanted to be able to curl my hair.  The grass is always greener, right?  My hairdresser who does my highlights considers himself “The Curl Whisperer” (true story). Even he was frustrated with my pin straight hair.  It took me a while (and a large burn scar on my right arm to prove my CURLING WARRIOR SKILLS) but I think I found a tool that actually works.  Enter Sephora’s curling wand.  You just take your hair and wrap it around the “cone” and then hold it for 20 seconds and your curls are done.  It takes me a total of 15 minutes and I have a TON of hair that is super long these days.   Plus it’s $40 which for a hair tool is so reasonable.  I will say, it gets super hot so be careful.   All in all, a nice change in my going out look.  Nice job, Sephora.

Sephora Curling Iron – $40

Product Spotlight – Summer Hair Solution

16 Jul

By Whitney

When it’s this hot out, I love to be near any sort of water.  My hesitation with pools is what happens to my hair after it’s been in chlorine.  It is just gross.  I tend to bounce around in a pool like a crazy person with my hair on top of my head trying not to get it wet to avoid my hair turning into hard pieces of straw.  So pretty.  This Malibu C Swimmers Wellness kit is a trio of supplies that will get rid of those pool toxins and help turn your tresses back into soft and pretty locks.  An added bonus is that the treatments product come in travel friendly packets!

Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit – $28 (was $40)

Summer Sun Hair

9 Jul

By Whitney

I was chatting with a fellow blonde, straight-haired woman during this heatwave and we both stated how there is nothing worse than blow drying your hair in this weather.  So what’s a girl to do?  I have gotten pretty reliant on air drying my hair into (bad) summer waves but with a little product, I tend to get some texture and my waves improve.  Since I am well aware that every one of us has a different mane, here are a few recommendations.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Best for curly hair, this styling cream is great for keeping frizz down.  Jennifer Aniston says so.

Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream – $26 – $36

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

In my opinion, this is the king of the salt sprays and really does work.  The matching shampoo and conditioner also enhance your beach waves but I just love this stuff.  This mini set is perfect for beach traveling!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – $15


An Australian hidden gem amongst the salt sprays, Surf Bomb is pretty awesome.

Original Minerals Surf Bomb – $28

BlowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist

Use in damp or dry hair (or accompanied with a blowdryer if you are feeling sweat free), this spray does not crunch my hair and also can be used to revive your hair the next day.

BlowPro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist – $21

Hairbrush Request

4 Jun

Hairbrush SpotlightBy Whitney

We’ve been pretty busy these days so apologies for the quietness on the blogging front!  I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather and wearing lots of summer brights since it’s finally here!

A friend asked me the other day to recommend some hairbrush options for her.  Everyone has such different manes so I figured an overall post might be helpful.

From Left to Right:  Denman 5 Row Styling Handbag Brush – $10 – The perfect size to go in your tote and it helps boost shine and reduce static. // Ibiza Collection Swirled Extended Cork Round Brush – $46 – I’ve heard this is the perfect brush for a bouncy blowout.  //  Goody TangleFix Brush – $8 – For use on wet or dry hair, this palm-held mini brush is great for detangling. //  Mason Pearson Popular Nylon and Boar Bristle Brush – $170 – (or try this smaller baby blue one for $100) It’s expensive but my fine hair is the longest it has ever been and I am pretty sure I owe it all to this brush.  I can’t thank my friend Jen enough for giving me hers!!! // Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush– $16 –  The splurge vs. steal version of the Mason Pearson, this brush also gives the same benefits as a boar bristle mixture //Aveda Paddle Brush – $20 – Nothing better to blow dry your hair with for a sleek straight blowout that a big fat paddle brush.

Accessories Spotlight – An Adorable Hair Tie

21 May

emi-jay bow

By Whitney

Emi-Jay hair ties are my absolute favorite.  They are soft, never break my hair and barely leave a mark after wrapping my ponytails for hours on end.  A new collaboration with celeb hairstylist Chris McMillan lead them to a girly take on their classic ties.  I love that these bows are attached to the hair ties making them the perfect way to finish a braid on a bad hair day or add to a tiny side pony when you’re feeling cutesy.  I just think they are super cute.  Another idea to try?  Pin this onto your tote for a pretty way to dress up your day bag.

Emi-Jay Bows – $20

emi-jay 2

Inauguration Style

17 Jan

by Lauren

For those of you in DC or part of the 800,000 making a pilgrimage to this fine city for the weekend’s festivities, you are probably in the throes of planning your look for one of the many celebrations.  At this point, you probably have a solid idea of what you’re wearing, but hair & make up are still in the planning phase.  Let me begin by saying, I am TERRIBLE at doing hair – so I will be having mine done by a third party, however, I still need some idea of what to tell them.  I think I gravitate toward the elegant or glam look, however I tried to incorporate some things that are boho and trendy to accommodate for everyone’s taste.

Here are a few things I have spotted that I really like:

ImageThere is of course the ever popular “bun” or “top knot” – this one sported by Olivia Wilde looks pretty “do it yourself” – a bit of teasing and hair spray with some strategic bobby pinning could accomplish this look.  I am really obsessed with the volume of this bun and might try to accomplish something similar:


I also adore Merritt Beck’s hair (of The Style Scribe) in this photo:



She looks so perfectly glam.  For this look, Merritt used the clip-less curling iron.  It’s a pricey instrument but when you figure it costs about $100 to have your hair done for an event, it’s a worthwhile investment.  In this same vain, I will never get enough of vintage hair – it is a pretty easy do it yourself, and if you’re wearing a chic shift shaped dress I think this hair complements the look very well:


For those of you who venture into the more intricate, halo braids are still very much in vogue.  


Here are a few other elegant styles I have been attracted to:



As for makeup, right now is really all about the cat eye & a dramatic lip.  You cannot go wrong with some thick, liquid liner & a bold red lip.  I have been trying to reinvigorate the nude lip into my life but haven’t struck the right chord yet.  However, I think the  “Foiled Lip” on the Beauty Department is nude, fancy & special and a fun option for a festive affair.



This also may be the right occasion to don some false lashes – just make sure you pick a pair that complement your eye & face size/shape.  You don’t want to roll around looking like a HTM (hot tranny mess).



Product Spotlight – Hair Oil

4 Jan

By Whitney

I had some comments based on yesterdays post that hair is another thing people find gets super dry in the winter months.  As someone who has been getting highlights since high school (I prefer the term “enhancements”), my fine hair gets super dry every winter and becomes a static mess.  But this year I haven’t had that problem thanks to an AMAZING product Birchbox sent me a sample of a few months back.  Orofluido Hair Oil is incredible.  It’s postponed my haircuts, kept my hair from split end central and it smells delicious.  It really does help my hair look shiny and healthy.  There’s also a shampoo and conditioner to go along with it and I’m thinking they’re on my list of things to try in 2013…


Orofluido Hair Oil – $30

Holiday Headbands Part II

9 Dec

By Whitney

I got really excited by the task at hand yesterday and found some more headbands for the holidays.  Apparently I really miss channeling Blair Waldorf with my go-to hair accessory of 2008-2010.

A good alternative to the sold out Henri Bendel ones.  Delicate and adorable!

Kate Spade Curling Ribbon Bow Headband – $75

This one can take you to work and not be uber girly.

Emerald Silk Knot Headband – $6 (yes, $6)

Go to a Ferragamo store for more of a selection but their grosgrain bow headbands are perfect for all year round.

Ferragamo Grosgrain Ribbon Headband – $100

It’s expensive but how gorgeous is this piece?

Ban.Do Dazzle Crystal Headwrap – $165