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Seven Things

24 Apr

By Whitney

This week flew by and I  am ready for a restful weekend.  Lots going on today, people.  Bruce Jenner’s interview is the talk of the news, the apple watch launched (thoughts?) and spring appears to be lost in action.  But it’s Friday so let’s get ready for the weekend!!

1.  I currently have 11,157 unread emails on my iPhone inbox.  This drives some of my friends bananas.  This article explains why.  My entire life is extremely organized except for that so leave me and my inbox alone.

2.  This dress is on my wish list.  So easy and love that feather print!

3.  Quotes from famous women on female friendship.

4.  An easy plaid button down shirt.  My go-to for spring Saturdays.

5.  A book list for your April reading.  I’ve been remiss on mine this month, time to catch up!!

6.   Ireland apparently has the most spray tanned purchased per capita or some random fact like that.  Apparently this is the BEST self tanner brand there is because it’s time released and lasts the longest.  Wish listed.

7.  Who doesn’t love animal gifs that make you laugh?


Seven Things

12 Dec

Lilly wreath

By Whitney

Soooooo I am exhausted and cannot wait for this weekend.  My Christmas cards have gone out (cough cough holiday cards), the lights are up on my balcony and the Kelly Clarkson Xmas album is pretty much on repeat these days.  I love it.  More gift guides to come but here’s what you can catch up reading while wrapping your gifts!

1. I’m starting this off with a very long article that is genuinely the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks.  Drew Magary can do no wrong in my book and his analysis of the Williams Sonoma catalog is beyond funny.

2.  This little guy’s meltdown after missing a putt is too cute.  “You just gotta taaaaap it in.”

3. I love champagne and I love glitter so I am OBSESSED with this idea of these DIY glitter champagne bottles for your holiday parties.

4.  Here’s another funny little munchkin to keep you entertained.

5.  I am uber tempted to get these pastel blue espadrilles for my upcoming trip to Mexico…

6.  I know you are all with me when I say it’s so refreshing when someone has perfect manners.  Let’s all take note of these polite habits we can practice.

7.  Not to be too sappy but it is the holidays and while we are always trying to get the perfect gift for our friends and families, it’s nice to try to give back too.  My favorite charity during the holidays?  Operation Santa.   Literally you  can answer someone’s letter and BE SANTA.  It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m so happy I’ve made it my own Christmas tradition.

Seven Things

7 Nov

paper fashion

By Whitney

It’s Fridayyyyyy.  I am so excited for this weekend to celebrate my very best friend Teri’s baby shower!!!   This is has been quite a week.  Who is ready for a nap because I AM. The image above is from Paper Fashion.  Her prints are gorgeous and her instagram is so fun.  Happy weekend! xoxo

1.  This is just the perfect winter hat.

2.  On my to do list this weekend?  Downloading and finishing Amy Poehler’s new book.

3.  So this is a great winter sweater in a gorgeous emerald green and it’s from Talbots making it mother/daughter approved (and shareable).

4.   Everyone knows I’m obsessed with Taylor Swift (her words speak to me, people) and I also love infographics.  Taylor + Infographics = amaze.  While you’re at it, this video of an 80’s aerobics competition from 1989 (truth) aligned to her Shake It Off is pretty entertaining.

5.  I love plaid so much and this dress takes it up a notch from your standard casual Saturdays.

6.  Jimmy Fallon cracks me up and this imitation game with him and Kevin Spacey will make you giggle too.

7.  It’s pricey for a fall coat but I have to say, this Mackage number is by far the coolest thing in my closet (and gets the most compliments of anything I own).  Speaking of coats, no joke I bought this one from JCrew Kids and it’s pretty much amazing.

Seven Things

26 Sep


By Whitney

I took this photo on one of my early morning runs this week.  It was such a pretty morning and felt like I wasn’t running along a NYC river with pollution everywhere and a strange man collecting shoes behind me.   Happy First Fall Friday!   Enjoy the amazing weather this weekend.

1.  I have a lot of reasons to buy new clothes lately and this Tibi dress might be perfect for a wedding I have coming up soon.

2.  This instagram account of a man and his dog is so sweet.  #UghIWantAPuppy.

3.  I love this emerald green statement piece.  How gorge against any other jewel tone?

4.  When I was little, I was obsessed with manatees.  I carried a stuffed animal version around with me everywhere and it wasn’t like a small toy. It was a substantial sized manatee.  This story obviously is amaze.

5.  My Finance hat was on for my initial interest in this one but the reasons behind why a big shot CEO retired really put things in perspective this week.

6.  You guys, it’s coat season. MY FAVORITE.  Loving this gorge Rebecca Taylor.

7.  You might not be into baseball (or think Derek Jeter is that handsome) but even my hardcore Boston sports friends who I was out with last night had to admit last night’s farewell to Derek Jeter was pretty much perfection.

8.  An eighth item today since sports don’t count on Pretty Polished.   This Alexis Bittar cuff has officially been wishlisted.

Seven Things

19 Sep

PP Polo

By Whitney

PP was reunited this weekend and it was so SO much fun.  I wish my Lauren lived in NYC but sadly she’s so into DC.  Ugh.  This would be us drinking wine in the pouring rain at a polo match wearing white.  No matter what happens this weekend it will be a disappointment compared to last.

1.  Fashion Weeks are over but yesterday Moschino showed a Barbie collection.  If you know me, you know this was my dream come true.

2.  There was a lot of hoopla around Apple this week with the new iPhone announcement (is there not a woman who works there who owns a small clutch to tell them it’s too big???) and the iWatch.  What do you guys think???  Will you be getting one?!

3.  I’m loving this easy DVF work dress to wear under a jacket.  For $105?  I think yes.

4.  This dog video of a summer pool party is hilarious.

5.  I tried on a pair of Rag & Bone Margot suede black booties on at Intermix the other day (they’re sold out online boo) and I am still swooning.  Leather is more practical than suede so these are officially wish listed.  Love.

6.  Lauren sent me this Jimmy Kimmel clip and I literally could not stop laughing at my desk.  Betsy Ross is my favorite designer too.  Another late night clip that has me cracking up is the Jimmy Fallon lip sync battle of the week.

7.   This amazing Vince coat for fall is on sale for $270 (from $675).  Lauren has last season’s version and loves.  Such a chic way of welcoming fall.

Seven Things

15 Aug

Peonies 2By Whitney

It’s time for the weekend and after a truly exhausting week, I am ready to get some actual sleep.   We’re celebrating my dad’s bday this weekend (a bit early) but I’m excited to get some R&R and give my dad some solid bday love.  xoxoxo

1.  Robin Williams has been the top story in the news for a few days and for good reason.  Jimmy Fallon’s tribute was truly touching.   Williams’ inspiration is everywhere and we should all “make  our lives extraordinary”.

2.  I know it is fully summer right now but I didn’t buy this winter coat last year and seeing it on JCrew Factory for $160 is verrrrry tempting.

3.  The story of Sarah Blakely is inspiring.  A self made BILLIONAIRE and she came up with her idea all on her own at 29. Amazing.  Now let’s be jealous of her life.  Go.

4.  These Marysia bathing suits are pricey but I still am so tempted.  Ugh.

5.  I love fruit so much even honeydew which really proves my diehard fruit fan status.  Here are some fun fruit facts/tips.

6.  Oh how I love a statement necklace.  A pink one?  Even more tempting.

7.  I am a huge and loyal Today Show fan and Savannah is my favorite.  Could her newborn baby princess be any cuter???

Seven Things

25 Jul

By Whitney

*Can someone please find me these summer Chandon bottles??? Love!!!

1.  A colleague of mine sent over these very crafty  travel tips!!!  A razor in a binder clip? GEN-IUS.

2.  Hello perfect wrap dress and gorgeous black blouse on sale.

3.  Shockingly, Iggy Azalea is not her real name.

4.  Lauren pointed out this absurd Allure magazine article calling Lauren Conrad (PP inspiration) “basic”.  #AllureFAIL.

5.  A workout to get your legs ready for legging season.

6.  Rebecca Taylor’s summer sale is pretty amazing.  Get 40% off with code SUMMERSALE.  I love the cut and color of this dress, this top is a solid go-to and this white dress qualifies as perfect LWD.

7.  Some education for us water drinkers.

Seven Things

18 Jul

Gray Malin, Bermuda Flamingos

By Whitney

1.  The image above is such a fun Gray Malin photo from Bermuda.   Gray’s work  is on One Kings Lane a lot but each and every time I get more and more tempted to purchase something to put above my desk.   His photos are just awesome.  What’s your favorite?

2.  I should probably start with a pot or a pan but these fun kitchen gadgets seem pretty cool for those who are active in the kitchen.

3.  This is a serious abs workout in 10 minutes.  So hard but so worth it!

4.  Loving this palm print dress especially the back.

5.   Umm I’ve been storing my lululemon t shirts wrong this entire time and so many other excellent tips.

6.  The Nordstrom anniversary sale has started.  I’m loving this Vince sweater, these perfect  studs and some classic  Tom Ford sunnies!

7.   If you know me at all you know that Andy Cohen is my favorite person pretty much of all time.  If he offered me a job tomorrow, I would take it in a heartbeat.  Happy Five Years to his late night show that cracks me up each and everyday.

Seven Things

27 Jun



By Whitney

First official Friday of summer!!  I hope you guys are celebrating this hot (sort of soupy) weather by wearinng some Lilly, drinking some fun bevies and getting ready for a fun weekend.

1.   World Cup Fever has officially taken over my office (and I’m sure all of yours).  Let’s go Team USA but these stories are inspiring if you’re into it or not.  Either way, everyone has to be obsessed with Mexico’s coach.

2.  My sister sent me this sweet story about animals and their feelings since her dog “feels” his emotions to an extreme.  Animals get depressed too, you guys.

3.  I am sad Game of Thrones is over but this throwback picture is sort of amazing.  Again, this is not a spoiler.

4.  I’m in Florida for the weekend which means busting out my favorite summer dress.

5.  I’ve always “thrown like a girl” so thank you, P&G for taking that phrase and making it an awesome one.  Love this ad.

6.  My favorite holiday is coming up next week (stay tuned for stars and stripes PP posts!) and I know this Anchor bag is for kids but I still really want it.

7.  BaubleBar is having their summer sale.  I’m loving this necklace for $20, these cute stacking rings for $15 and a gift card for $100 that you only pay $80 for (steal).

Friday Reading List

6 Jun

By Whitney

Happy first Friday of June everyone.  YOU DID IT.  I am really excited to spend my weekend finishing The Fault In Our Stars (I try to read books before they become movies so I can be that person who says, “Ugh the book is so much better than the movie.”  Jk jk.  Today I’m having a mother/daughter day to celebrate my bday with Babs and I’ll have some girl time the rest of this weekend!    Here are some links to get you through the rest of your day and onto your weekend and some rosé !

1.  Do you guys watch Game of Thrones?  I am not going to be a spoiler but the scenery from the show is amazing and these photos of Iceland where it is filmed are gorge.  THIS IS NOT A SPOILER ALERT.
4.  I am really into blue/white combos for summer.  I’m dreaming of this Milly dress and this Cynthia Vincent is gorge as well.

5.  I am a huge bun person.  This tutorial for a ribbon bun is awesome (a ribbon bun, you say?  Obsessed.)
6.  My wonderful friends Jenny and Paul’s sister Michelle has invented this absolutely hilarious/amazing Tata Bikini Top. This isn’t the safest to open up at work but I promise you will be entertained.
7.  How to stretch your feet when wearing heels.  I am doing this under my desk as I type.